Women’s Winter Fashion: Trendy Duvets for Cold

The dilemma is one of the most frequent every morning: coat or jacket? This winter the challenge seems to have been won by the second, the quilts are in fact able to conquer even the most skeptical since shrunk, always very hot. The diehards of the coat eventually surrendered! The quilts are comfortable and versatile, the proposed models in women’s fashion collections are so many winter: long, short, solid, with floral prints or polka dots. All duvets to seal out cold in style!

Now the sales have started and to renew your wardrobe with an eye to saving money, all you have to do is choose your duvet. Some models tend to make clumsy figure, flattening it, however you don’t have to give up the Duvet, also you can try it out without standing in line at the test booths, found a corner with mirror and be captivated by this chapter. Among the brands that you should keep an eye there is Columbia, specializing in outdoor clothing that relies entirely on the technology TurboDownWave that holds within the heat avoiding the drafty entrance. This material is suitable for rainy days and windy, and for those who use the bike and scooter to get around.

New duvets are so light they seem ponchos, those of Italian company Chervo have a synthetic filling reminiscent of the goose, just that it’s not been mistreated no animals, so the animal can wear them without any sense of guilt. The line Happy Goose Down 100% Free seems almost teasing big companies who did not care about the health of the animals. If these duvets are too much for you, there’s always Missoni, great symbol of elegance made in Italy all over the world. M Missoni is pret-à-porter line that defies the gray sky with optical graphics logo on down jackets with ribbed sleeves. Those who want to experience the thrill of traveling halfway across the world, here they can always count on Canadian Classics and feather duvets ecological, ideal for the animals from the city.

These proposals could keep you warm, but leave you with empty pockets, Uniqulo, Japanese brand, is a good compromise for those seeking a leader with whom you feel comfortable, warm, without breaking the Bank. Lightweight solutions have a slim and attractive thanks to stretch materials but it’s Tommy Hilfiger that surprises everyone with down jackets take away who the bag to be kept in a bag.

The icing on the cake, for more cold, here’s the down jacketsthe intelligent Blauer. The most desirable coats have a heat generator and a duvet that you autoriscalda, every woman’s dream. Those who can’t tolerate cold temperatures and live attached to boule remains stupefied when will try the duvets Blauer EHG (Electric Heat Generator). In the lining of the comforter is this generator patented by Blauer, even in back to the future had expected something like that. Think you can also choose the intensity of the heat through 3 adjustment layers. The first layer of futuristic duvets is terahertz and reflects the body’s temperature, the second is a soft fibre that retains heat, finally the third layer non-woven aluminum, island, avoiding heat dispersion.