Women’s Fashion Fall-Winter: Blouses to Be Always Bon ton

The holiday season brings joy and so much stress for those of us who are always looking for details of style to stand out. Bon ton style is suitable for 365 days a year, so we decided to dust off some old advice on the subject. The temperatures of these days are not very rigid and ladylike blouses are real allies. If you have commitments in the morning and evening and you want to look different, but you don’t have much time, you have to do is take a blouse bon ton, renew the trick and set off to conquer the city.

Blouses with lace, sparkling or with a bow, fashion fall-winter really satisfies all. Among the styles you want to copy is that English, with coat, skirt, hat, Middle heel and, of course, ladylike blouse. For modern girls, a source of endless inspiration is Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl, the only able to lay down the law in terms of etiquette, and the only one who never misses an outfit. This style is very romantic, but just a detail, like a leather jacket, biker, or to completely revolutionize the look. We want to opt for something very feminine, which reminds us of the Christmas movie set in the streets of the Big Apple, somewhere in the stores always lurks one of the 80 ‘s, blouses with Ruffles, the boundary between Bohemian and glam rock. Despite the rich line, this type of shirt is a mat and, if you want to be alternatives, pair it to circle skirts and flats. If you were indulging in lunches and dinners, not stuff in, but leave it soft. The most prestigious catwalks the ladylike blouses triumphed in the collections of Bottega Veneta, Emilio Pucci and Chanel, while Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s Creative Director, had added androgynous.

The ladylike blouses are ideal for walking downtown with her girlfriends, worn with high-waisted pants, give it a professional look and fashionable at the same time. If the dress code is rigid, opt for a shirt with a bow but watch the knot like the tie. We have selected some of the best models like that of Dorothy Perkins of rayon, with puffed sleeves, electric blue tone. The mood decidedly more classical Esprit shirt with deep V-neckline with white satin with a wool cardigan. Among the most popular brands and occupying more and more space between the shelves there is Only that over the years has been renewed and managed to seize the fashion trends of the moment, the ladylike blouses proposals have puffed sleeves, and great flakes that are ideal for new year’s Eve or a dance in the nightclub. More & More in its collection has a Ruby Red viscose pattern that pops up on your back, Mint & Berry instead has resized the bow making the shirt very gracious and charming with white dots on a black background. Finally there is Zara, whose 18th-century-inspired staple can be embellished with a PIN, the nuance coffee Brown, very much in vogue at this time, it can easily be mixed with other colors. And you as ladylike blouses have in your closet?