Wear A Bra More Than Twice Without Washing Is Bad For Health. Understand The Reason

In addition to protecting the breasts, ensure support, be a seduction device and prevent slipping when composing a visual, the bra is a key part in the wardrobe of any woman. Besides knowing correctly choose which type of bra fits your body, you should still pay attention to the way in which wash the lingerie.

Not all women know, but experts say use the same bra more than twice in a row without washing can be unhealthy. The human body is a heat source and, therefore, tends to accommodate different types of bacteria. The breasts and armpits, areas that come into direct contact with the bra are warm and, therefore, the part must be replaced and properly sanitized.

Wash the bra in the washing machine is not recommended because, to be quite delicate, may have affected their elasticity and have a decreased life. To clean the piece without causing damage, you know 7 simple laundering tips that do not spoil the play and not steal your time. Also, you can bet on a practical tactic using baby shampoo and a dryer salad.