Virtual Testers Will End with The Doubts in Your Shopping Online

Tends to be the usual complaint of people who do not like to buy online: how a garment will be me well if I don’t try it I know? But the technology that checks how you have the clothes virtually It is becoming increasingly more advanced and improved. Discover How will the future fashion shopping be without having to go to the tester!

Sizes of garments and garments that do not feel well

Today, if you buy something on the internet (or if we bought it in store and simply do not want to pass by the tester because we have few want to try us the clothes or rush), we always have the doubt when we see him at home if We will have successful with carving or if We will be well (not that we tighten or becoming us loose in any area of the body).

It is no longer just a matter of size, but that each body is different, and a size is not the same 40 with a good front one carving 40 with a minimum waist but which has broad hips. At the time it wanted to unify the theme of the design dividing the bodies into cylinder, campaign or Pellet, but long ago stopped investing in the issue, and today the same woman may have clothing S, M or L, or save from a size 36 a 42 depending on which shop you bought.

How virtual testers?

But let’s talk about the sad present in matter of carvings and see what lies ahead. How virtual testers?

Men can now be easily the tailored suits, in Acustom Soho Apparel Shop have a scanner in three dimensions of the body, and customers can choose the fabrics, color, etc., to make a costume, a polo, jeans or a trench coat to your liking and measurement.

Almost all the options of virtual testers that exist today are more similar to Stylewhile, a game in which you create yourself an avatar and you’re trying clothes of different shops to your own miniyo. It is inaccurate, but you spend it well playing with the application.

Also you can have fun testing the Magic Mirror of the English shop Miss Selfridge You’ll find the perfect dress for you? allows manually enter your measurements, to also change the physical form of your avatar, you can adjust your preferences if you like clothes fairer or more loose.

Thirdlove promises to put an end to this universal problem of women: find a bra for your exact size. They have developed an application for taking you one photo front and profile with a t-shirt of straps can find the BRA that best suits you.

Fitbay works as a community, where You can find your double with a body similar to yours y see their looks and what clothes feel you better or worse. Rather than take action, they calculate your double with the weight, the height and the shape of your body. It is well to see what kind of wardrobe you feel better and to find out which brands are the best for your figure. Renttherunway also works very similarly, by way of community.

Online stores as powerful as ASOs working with Virtusize, which It helps you to compare other items you have that brand, by superimposing the image, to see which areas can be more just or overrun some fabric.

If still continues moving further on the subject, I suppose that sooner or later we will have 3D scanners in almost all of the stores that will take the exact measurements and we can virtually test the clothes at home to an exact replica of our own body. and If we keep looking towards a future still farther, I guess having a 3D printer in my own house with which to print with the exact measurements the garment that I want to look at that time.

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