Tube Skirts in Fashion 2016: Here’s How to Match Them up to be Beautiful and Cool!

Tube skirts fashion 2016: here are the latest trends to dress trendy and with an eye to your tastes and the latest trends!

Unlike what you may think the tube skirts, can give life not only to formal outfit and managerial skills but also lively and ultra-feminine, perfect for the evening to the morning in the Office, for an important occasion. Suitable in the Office than for a stroll downtown, these skirts, besides being very trendy, allow you to create highly original outfits and combinations: rock, sporty chic, romantic or sexy look formal and much more. The tube skirts, especially if you are not very high, it is best to wear them with wedges, pumps, sandals and sabot mid/high: the effect will be to scream, because your silhouette will become finer and earn a few centimeters! Complete freedom regarding the fabrics, the colors and patterns: we will find denim skirts or plain, from floral patterns and fanciful, in linen, cotton or leather. Take a look at our small review to find out the models to show off now!

The tube skirts for a sexy look, formal, rock, sober, preppy but also …

The long skirt, which reaches almost to skim the ankle, is also much appreciated by celebrities and version, this year’s feminine enough to be proposed, in its sexy and glam, even the most daring women lace or leather or imitation leather. Also called pencil skirt for its characteristic shape, this garment, which lengthens the silhouette and appears to “diminish” the size of the calf and ankle diseases, can be chosen also in its version at crossing. Can be combined to a single color, or even a t-shirt blouse, for a more formal look and combined with cotton or leather jackets. In addition to high heels, you can match them up even in ankle boots and why not, to sneakers.

Fantasies, colours, original patterns and trends for tube skirts

The spring-summer 2016 sees the triumph of long skirts often very vivid colors and patterns available in fluo. Chloé for example tip on color, especially on the purple and teal, but does not disdain shades of pink and Fuchsia, while others point to the brilliancy of iridescent shades. There are variations in black and white, red, blue and white patterns that encounter the marine style, polka dots, lines, textures all over and multicolor or tube skirts and dress available in fashion colors by Pantone 2016.

Style advice: how to match the tube skirts

And finally, a few tips to get you the right way. If you opted for a rather rigid fabric, you must bet on top, tank tops, shirts, blouses in very light and impalpable fabrics, such as silk, to dampen the effect heaviness. Avoid stockings fantasies too elaborate to avoid inflated legs and Boater shoes ankle boots and shunned like the dwindling ankle boot, thus avoiding those knee.

In short, you are also jackets and blazers at timeless and original combinations of black and white, or white, black and gray. The tube skirts are suitable for women who have a physical proportion. If you choose to wear these to work, you must point out of neutral colors, while those more showy and loads, are suitable for a more casual look. This year the gold and silver fabrics and lurex effect are very trendy, so you can be daring, especially at night this approach, combining mesh pencil skirt or golden bronze or silver vests to bring out the Tan. And for those who just can’t stand the high-heeled sandals, can always opt for a sandal jewel effect.

What about you? What do you think of tube skirts?