Total Red Pants, Jackets, Tops, Bottoms And Shoes for a Fashion Look and Trendy

The women’s fashion winter 2016 sees the return of total red: sensual, chic, elegant, Red back to coloring shirts, shoes, pants and coats, for a feminine, sophisticated and timeless. The color palette see Excel the timeless Valentino red, flaming or cherry, one of choice in the choice of lipstick and lipgloss for a woman who loves to seduce with passion, enhancing its essence, always. But not only. Here is also Burgundy and color marsala, enveloping blend of Brown and red, which will populate especially skirts and dresses, for a glamorous look, warm and enveloping. But there are also proposals that combine expertly red to… Let’s find out together!

Total red or broken? Here are some valuable suggestion

The red, or rather the total red or combined with pastels or rust has been one of the protagonists of exception of the latest cold weeks of 2015. Many brands have banked on a woman in total red, others preferred to match this sparkling colors, patterns like black polka dots, tone-on-tone tulle details. And the Red will continue to conquer us and surprise us, at least until early spring. Yes the red-coloured high-waisted pencil skirt with asymmetric, while as regards the combinations, how about match your Red Sweater over a lighter shades, such as camel?

Colorful prints, bright or dull texture to give that little bit extra to the outfit

For those who don’t like the total red, can always rely on fanciful or floral prints, colorful or even can choose texture depending on your taste, dull or brighter to give “that little bit extra” to the entire outfit. Yes to transparency, laces, to combinations of “graduate”. Even the suits in satin for an elegant and sophisticated look.

And the coats? Combined with red …

The coats and jackets are total red or snake print, but some are not waived the tartan pattern or even the classic and timeless Tartan. No shortage of proposals in red mixed cleverly to ethnic and tribal prints or folk.

How to match Red? And finally do not miss …

If the total red does not convince you, you dare with prints and patterns just mentioned or tested combinations such as red and Orange hues and Red camel, or the timeless red with Plum. Among the items that can not miss in your wardrobe we find: the dark red tights, blazer Burgundy, also high suede boots to pair with red skirts or dresses in lace. Don’t miss the classic combination of black and red. And the bags? In all shades of red, both classical and sportive.

The Red, “lonely” or matched to prints and fancies evergreen or at the latest, will continue to populate our closets again for a while, until, the pastels, soft and delicate, like the red, yellow, blue and green, will mean that spring is finally here! See you soon with new style to be trendy and in step with the times!