To The It Hassles: The Thing With The Band Shirts

I like bands and I like shirts. But how does with the ubiquitous combination of both from s? Band shirts are both blessing and curse. Raise enthusiasm and hate speech, are an expression of affiliation, and Fortune’s, who had hoped serving recognition to provide the carrier with the purchase of such – as long as the fervent music fan to the right gene logo attacks and even in the supposed subcultures drawer fits. Otherwise the whole thing can be quite bitter. For all parties involved.

Because as always there are two sides of the coin, many perspectives and a huge point of contention: wear band shirts of actually in good conscience? With regard to this topic, for example a huge wound in the heart of the passionate Konzertgangers gapes. In the soul of the diehard fans who has got this overpriced merchandise items in the after-concert death courage-nudges on the stand next to the jacket issue. Of a gig of his favorite band waited years for this, to then keep the glorious trophy in the form of fabric in the hands. Then the shock: A week later at the supermarket. A fourteen year old chick garnering a peroxide lock from the hair, while she slips with their Leopard spiked on the diet yoghurt which slipped from their disgusting fingernails adorned with Strassteinen. On her breast: A SLAYER logo. “You were also on the concert on Friday?” –“what?”. What the fuck.

Dolce & Gabbana 2008

There was a time – and I agree missmonster to – because you still knew where it is, if a „ Bikini Kill “, „ Motörhead “ or „ David Bowie “ had ironed out on its shell. Agreement, instant sympathy, entertaining love theist approaches or also insgeheime question mark in the head, formed in the face of apparently underground music taste of the person. Whether you idolized what the other since around wore with them now or ingenious also found, was one, but at least it had to do something with the music itself instead with an oddly pronounced ego.

Where we were again on the subject: man can and should prohibit anybody, BOY, Nirvana, Beatles and co of free spirit on his clothes for a walk to lead. Be outraged about it you can but very well. Because if you actually has a personal hero, up, raised the à la by great fashion chain H & M all of a sudden to the hype-King to be used out of ignorant fashion vultures in the dirt, then it hurts actually me in the soul. The other day I saw a pretty girl with great taste and David Bowie jute bag. Automatically I thought „ class from Ziggy Stardust she sure still never heard and still she says she was the personified hipness. With Bowie in the baggage “

That are still true.

It is likely that no more than Bowie hit said young lady “heroes” knows, you can never be sure. And here is the problem: wearing band shirts can act now everything else as authentic. Whether we would kill Kurt Cobains for a resurrection or Slayer has supplied the soundtrack to our youth – take off that would secure us at first glance any more. Thank you H & M sure that you have taken their dignity John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Thank you Dolce & Gabbana, that her David is so great. Thank you intoleranters brain, sure that providing me with so many Aufreger hormones. Well, then. Reliance is apparently only on the Turbo youth. Turbonegro, love glitter naegel-girls of that time at the supermarket checkout – Kalle?

I’ll still eventually a bikini kill have shit. Basta. And which still carries her?