The Xx Start Festival Tour “Night + Day” With Detour In Berlin

When Jamie Smith, Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim put their heads together, know we, that it what great results. Not only their debut album xx became the absolute blast album everyone under its spell coated with delicate voice and gentle sounds. Three years is break and zackboom’s further work considerably ausgepfeilteren, second “Saintchill”. Music, which always works and that we let a strange hypnotic manner deeply in our very being.

Yes, since their break is anything but quiet around the trio – joint tour here, video release there and solo appearances there. But that’s not all for the wonderful long three, because just their latest project has been chattering: the xx are a series of festivals called night + day from the ground pound, which makes a stop in Lisbon, London and even in Berlin. And what can we imagine including? 

Not only Romy, Oliver and Jamie will be available on the stage but also their fellow bands of the trio. But that’s not all long because for Berlin, the troupe has made a very special treat. The scene is the beautiful Spree Park Plänterwald, a disused leisure park, which already was closed years ago and since then waits with one to a seemingly dreamy and fairytale-same setting, on the other hand but also mysterious and scary acts.

Start the Festival series day + night is in Lisbon on May 5 in the Garden of Belem Tower. Even we in the series are: May 18 we hopefully all pilgrims in the Berlin Spree Park. Is of course at home finally: Osterley Park and House in Isleworth are recorded on June 23.

The xx “Angels” live in Tokyo on Vimeo from final cut.

ArtSchoolVets! white of course as well, how we get tickets:

Similar to already at the concert tickets will sell one taking place again on exclusive mailing list, where you you necessarily should log on, if you wanted to miss the concerts. The pre-sale starts on December 13th at 10: 00; the list of log on you should you however until 20: 00 on the previous day. Wednesday evening, you will then get an email with a unique code with which you can buy your tickets in the pre-sale on Thursday. We keep the fingers crossed for us and you!

Who now but once more want to know what ominous place behind the Spree Park Planterwald hidden, we recommend, to look again at our friends by finding Berlin past. There are visual impressions and en plus a few interesting facts!