The Styles of Maxi Iglesias, Mario Houses and Alejandro Albarracin

In particular, they try to present is the young line of Armand Basi, By Basi. And this year has had a share of luxury, the Spanish, the very best (or leave it in the most known) young TV today. And is that not have a hair of fools the marketing and advertising of Armand Basi. His idea was to promote the brand as a young, bold and modern clothing line and so they wanted to take players that best suit those cannons. And I think that not got lan.

Although of course, I wonder, if the idea is to sell clothes, for which many of them (especially the guys, that chance) they are without it? Maybe because things are as they are, and if we have to Maxi Iglesias, Mario Casas and Alejandro Albarracín, posing together, huddled together and we can over take away shirt and excuse ourselves that thus more reader in pants, maybe better than focusing better, that things are not to go by removing the view of photos like these.

In particular, in addition to these three you players, Mario Casas)The men of Paco), Alejandro Albarracín)Love in troubled times) and Maxi Iglesias)Physical or chemical), they have participated in the campaign also Miram Giovanelli (Without breasts there is no Paradise) and Esmeralda Moya (90-60-90), two of the actresses revelation of this year.

The collection, for this Spring-summer 2010, bet on colors. Lots of variety and very striking clothing with high presence of fluorescent and primary tones. Pants and jeans for straight cuts and enough ajustaditos and special importance charge t-shirts, very present in the entire collection. For my taste, the photo shoot clothing has far more importance itself, you want to tell you.