The Pockets of Your Pants Will Be Larger. to Blame The New IPhone

Oh fashion! A good day is having a tiny mobile and five years later we walked down the street with both mobile phones the size of books. In the last few seasons, mobile phones are becoming larger, and that who suffers? our pockets. And do not say for the price – as also – but because these are not designed to keep a Phablet.

Samsung, Apple… tell me any brand and my answer will always be the same, your device probably won’t fit in your pants pocket. And although the simplest solution is to take it in the bag, There are occasions in which we prefer to leave hands free and where you put the mobile in these situations?

This is the problem that we are consumers and firms. With the arrival of the new iPhone, as UNIQLO, Levi’s, Lee, or J Crew they have begun to rethink the design of the pockets of his pants and as in Mashable, they are already talking to their design teams so that the pockets of his pants to accommodate mobile XXL.

Photo | manrepeller
Via | Mashable

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