The Past and the Present of Karla Completo Closet

Last Tuesday of the year. And we do it with a return to the past of the strangest thing: the b-log of ‘ Karla ’ s Closet ‘. I say curious because, I seem, I am surprised this return… In positive. If all the changes that we’ve been seeing in the b-loggers have been until today for better, This I would say that it has gone from bad to worse. While this issue can create queue, as we know that tastes there is nothing written. But the vintage style (and refilled) this girl makes that much more love the outfits of the past.

As we have already said, this girl style highlights for that retro and vintage in every one of her outfits. But lately this ‘ vintage ’ is too much for the body. Would you stay with what Karla?

Seventies touches

I love the fashion of the seventies where are elephant-leg pants the protagonists. whether or not fashionable to me always have seemed to me the most. And she was a regular user This garment that catches my attention to my both, it is why that looks like me much more in its beginnings.

The outfits that picked were of the simplest: straight garment, in basic colours but that together formed a splendid look.

I always had a turn star in each look that showed, for example, in this look I wanted to highlight the mustard-colored jacket. So he combined it with black garments not calling attention and thus looks only focused the Blazer.

Now, unlike the garments were smooth and of a single color.

The exception that proves the rule & #8230;

If I say that I like more the prior to the now looks I do not mean this where the body of lace is superimposed on a cotton t-shirt combined with high-waisted jeans … horror!

His most curious past

Searching the Web we have discovered that this girl was a star from smaller. And is that she along with the other 4 girls were the musical group called Slumber Party Girls. Do you know who is she?

Welcome to the present

But as we have already said, Karla has become a fan of the clothing vintage and proof of this are his countless looks with clothes of ‘ old & #8217;.

With the well short hair and always accompanied by a Maxi glasses It teaches us how to combine her wardrobe. What do you think of this look?

His style does not dislike me, but if I have to choose I prefer the beginning blogger. Her looks seem to me more of my style, although part of the success It has now is thanks to this retro look.

¿With which of the two versions you stay?