The Fundacion Amancio Ortega Donates 20 Million to Caritas and 4 Million to Food Banks

The Fundacion Amancio Ortega It has donated 20 million euros to Caritas Española and other 4 million to the Federación Española de food banks (FESBAL). On Thursday signed two new cooperation agreements with both NGOs Foundation of the founder of Inditex.

The 20 million donation to Caritas will go to “to strengthen the primary health care programme, covering services such as supplies of light, water, gas, rent and other basic needs of families,” according to the information of Caritas.

4 million donation for the FESBAL will strengthen: “the organizational structure of Federal food banks, such as: the acquisition and rental of equipment, craft storage, freezers, scales, trucks and vans, as well as expenditure related to transportation, fuel, telephones, post office and electricity, among others”, according to the Organization.

The Fundación Amancio Ortega, founded in 2001, carried out, in October 2012, Another donation to Caritas Española de EUR 20 million, which was the largest private contribution had received Caritas in its 55 year history. The Fundación Amancio Ortega went more than 63 million euros to social projects in 2012.

Inditex in Jezebel

  • Zara carries the weight of the 894,4 million dividend of Amancio Ortega
  • Tmall, the Trojan horse online Inditex to grow in China
  • Maria Fanjul will coordinate all the Inditex online business