The Accessories at Christian Dior High Couture Autumn-Winter 2007/08

We almost always do reviews of parades and we too look at dresses, skirts, blouses, jackets, and others without putting much attention at accent giving the accessories. However, the success or failure of any wardrobe lies in those small details that give life, elegance, modernity and classicism or that they condemn the obscurantism to dresses and more elaborate costumes.

However, on the occasion of his ten years as a designer in the House Christian Dior, Galliano I could not stop this damaged overnight and in keeping with its dedication to the work showed us some incredible accessories, filled with the sophistication and Vanguard that characterize their controversial designs. Shoes, bags and hats were major players on a night where no one could be bored, where every detail, from the place, models, designs and accessories were perfectly tended.

Dior celebrated 60 years reinventing retro shoes, bringing colorful bags and Ile-de-France us with intricate designs in worthy of Ascot hats. The footwear was based on different model platforms, from the mary-janes, ankle boots with laces and buckle to some of Roman inspiration with multiple strips. The color was the protagonist with intense Blue, pink, yellow and orange, blood-red lighting, green, salmon and camel.

The bags were mostly from the same court, the touch of lavishness gave it the detail recorded on the faces that the same were twisted application, customers, swirling or faux alligator skin. They also came in a variety of color as lila, bottle green, Fuchsia and Canary yellow. Always play with shoes and gloves in the models that take them.

But the originality of Galliano broke out in terms of the design of hats and headdresses, feathers, imitation of straw, velvet and furs made almost no design lacked one. They were according to the inspiration of the design in perfect harmony of color and texture.