Tassels: Maxi or Mini, Decomposed Deconstructed, and Romantic and Bon Ton in 2016 Fashion Garments

It will be a summer with all the trimmings! Here’s the latest trend in fashion female that will mark the hottest season of the year!

Among the latest trends in fashion women regarding the summer 2016, we report the presence of flakes, that will liven up the outfit and populate clothes, shoes, bags, shirts, making it a must-have accessory, a habit that far from being categorized as just like bon-ton and the cloying femininity, there will appear various different versions. The flakes will be mini, maxi, decomposed deconstructed, uneven, and in colors and patterns more appealing! The flakes may appear as accessories to emphasize certain parts of the body such as neck and waist or even… find out the reading!

Bows, trendy details in women’s fashion for spring-summer 2016

The spring-summer 2016 marks the return of the bow, but there is no fixed rule to wear it. Can be tied around the neck in a mini version or still tied behind it in like a necklace, or may emphasize the waist or adorn dresses at shoulders and back, to give a touch more than feminine look. The bow or knot may suffice, sometimes, to replace a belt and even in this case, there is a rule that is unique: it’s XXL or extra small, decomposed or regular, romantic or attractive, the tassel is always trendy and cool. The jib is also featured on bags and shoes in particular, focusing on the latter aspect, we find him on Sandals Knot, a collaboration between Kartell and # 21.

The proposals of the most famous brands

In the proposal by Alexis Mabille, the bow at the waist and carried out starting from the suit as an integral part of it, is a detail designed to give that extra touch of grace and femininity to the entire print dress with slices of watermelon, colors and patterns, so decidedly fresh and summer. Rochas instead place his bow tie black floral print maxi dress to on. Chloe, instead, amazes us with a staple in denim on denim overalls, while the red dress by Lanvin spotted on the runway, presents the flakes neck embellished with tiny jewels.

Moschino dress, black and yellow, has a big bow in the press, while the bow makes the blouse from Elie Saab bon ton. Also the crop top by Rochas is with big black bow, while to liven up the minidress of Luisa Spagnoli, we think of yellow ribbons. Maison Margiela uses strong visual impact that knotted ropes like snowflake create clothes, while in Olympia Le Tan flake, in its variant “rope”, was spotted on the catwalks mostly declined in red, black and gold. In Gucci we find beautiful ribbons with romantic details like ruffles, while Galliano has entered its beautiful snowflakes maxi on different items and particularly at shoulders and back.

Other ideas with flakes!

The flakes make every look: flashy or over that they represent the ornament to bet if you are looking for a trendy outfit but never dull. The small ones are perfect for adorning earrings and handbags, but also footwear like sandals, mules and décolleté, and are also an essential accessory of hairstyling.

The flakes are those details that just can’t be missing to make it less dull clothes and turn them into intriguing, such as scoring artfully bust and waistline of jackets and suits. Not infrequently, also we will see contrasting striped shade flakes in and colorful. The big flakes and decomposed deconstructed, populate shirts, dresses and pants in summer shades and patterns. All sizes, find them even on different types of bags, including the clutch.

Clothes and accessories, therefore, will adopt this “ornament” in lukewarm and then in summer of 2016. The famous brand of fashion cheap brands, the flakes can conquer all through their unquestionable versatility.