Spring-Summer 2016: All Facets of Men’s Outfits

The spring fashion summer 2016 man finds his way of elegance, tailoring and matching retro.

Armani said without beating about the words “men dress for men”. But always with an interpretation of their own this year translates into a line that combines Western and Eastern elements. Flat front trousers from deep and Basques in the head. Colors used: gray, blue, mud, sand, and a splash of oil. Dolce & Gabbana, too fascinates the East that have since revived the silks of a China lost, Sicily in bloom and English gardens. Donatella Versace prefers instead the man pirate in jacket and ties: complete grey from which escape t-shirt long ton sur ton. And for a return to the origins MSGM dusts off tribal embroidery and details on oversive jerseys, pants from large pince, bermuda from burnt ochre, Orange and brown tones.

In opposite directions works Jil Sander who does techno fabric sartorial use. In his hands the windscreen becomes ice paint color Hoodie blazer and proposing capes or total black. By Marni unearths the shirts with the collar stretched that combines with neoprene and nylon sneakers.

Classic tailoring is the watchword of Zegna Couture which uses fabrics to create volumes but pressed against the body for a flattering silhouette. Colors galore: from crayon to neutral tones where they hide optical white and all black. To defend against still fresh springtime mornings here are trench and coat closed until collar, vest and jacket with draped effect. Ferragamo opts for Yes on tailoring, but combined with sports items: jerseys burned and intense colors and futurist.

Natural inspiration for Bottega Veneta that chooses to use all the colors of nature: burnt Brown, green leaf, sand, slate grey. Missoni puts on the catwalk the pink of rose petals that raises its classic zigzag design on soft blouses and shirts that combine orange, yellow and green shades.

Prada says no to nature and Yes to industrial: t-shirt with bunnies pop, rockets and race cars. The models exhibit for summer short shorts offset by overcoats knee. Zip, large pockets and denimi effect even for retro oversize pinstripes suits in all shades of blue.

There are many nuances used by maison, but only one color season: the blue Prince. With a head of that color you will be keeping up with trends in any occasion and context.