Sporty Chic: the Keyword of 2016 Is Convenience

Until recently it would have been impossible to imagine wearing fashionable sportswear, born not to stand out in terms of elegance, but rather to be comfortable to wear. In recent months, however, a tendency has managed to get herself off between high heels, handbags, sheath dresses and jackets wanted: are we talking about the sporty chic, a challenge by designers worldwide, including major fashion school Istituto Marangoni, and immediately coming up in Hollywood. But what is the sporty chic? This is una trend that sees fashion and sports come encounter with classic and sporty clothing. It is, in other words, the fashion that kneels at the comfort without sacrificing style. Let us see what will be the hottest chic in 2016 sporty clothes.

The comfort and beauty of Sneakers

Comfort first part out of the way. For this reason, a sporty chic that is genuine cannot possibly regardless of footwear, comfortable but also of style, character and able to get noticed even during a simple jogging session. Just heavy boots and high heels, therefore: green light for the convenience and beauty of timeless Sneakers, sneakers are perfect to combine with any sporty dress and suit every sport: in 2016, the Sneakers will be very fashionable, especially with gold and silver, to bring out the best among the city roads.


A winter made of diamonds

This winter will be dominated by the tendency of executives: don’t talk about oil paintings, but of imagination that a smash hit on shirts, dresses and even accessories. Paintings and pictures will be the protagonists of the plots of your clothing and sporty chic: especially on shirts for men and women, where the classic green and red squares will replace the white, and the long skirts, where white paintings with black outlines depopulated.

The oversize is back in fashion

Oversized clothinglovers, rejoice: this trend, now buried by the stretch and by fitting clothing, is literally rising from the memories of the years ‘ 90. Fashion, which as we all know is cyclic, seems to have realized again how important the ease: for this reason, the sporty chic ‘ turned out to be perfect to show off hoodies, wide and comfortable, and to dust off those oversize sweaters and colored, soft and lovely to wear.

The secret of the sporty chic

The sporty chic is the result of a clever mix of classic and sporty clothing: be who love comfort, in fact, does not necessarily mean being sloppy. This trend is to combine style and comfort, thanks to its elegant and best sporting heads.