Sportswear H & M: Why Spend More If All You Want Is To Run?

With the new fever for running that spreads like the plague everywhere, making even the laziest us rethink if we’re missing something, brands low-cost also offer us more sportswear at good prices and a attractive design. H & M in its catalog spring-summer 2014 is not immune to the new trend.

The truth is that if you’re still not sure if the running will get stronger in your life or just going to be a fad, do not have to spend a lot to go running four days. There will be time to invest more in kit if you see running or any other sport fills you up and you’ll usually practice.

In wholesaleably sportswear,  you find jackets in technical and fast drying breathable fabrics for 34,99 euros, jogging shirts 14,99 euros, or shorts for 24.95 euros. The colors are quite discreet: garnets, navy blue, gray or green lime. They even have accessories such as wrist guards to carry mobile or bottles of water. There is no excuse to start running and finally get rid of sweatpants when you were 18 years old.