Skirts, Return the Sixties Fashion Spring-Summer 2016!

The return of skirts, to relive the memorable brio of the Sixties: the models, colors and next season’s coolest 2016 hot fantasies!

The skirts to have returned to the forefront. Raise your hand if you have already unearthed some mother’s wardrobe and then why not try to wear them right away? It is skirts from triangular, slightly flared that occur high in life and spread downward, as the first letter of the alphabet. The mini from the line, very much in vogue in the fabulous Sixties, today are available in a variety of fabrics and materials: from linen to cotton, from denim to leather, with lateral zip instead of pockets or with buttons on davantu. The colors? White, mustard, black, green, red and those shown by Pantone for 2016. It’s time to find out! And what do you think about opting for a skirt to A? Here are the models not to Miss!

Skirts, the return: here’s some valuable suggestion of style!

As we already announced, the skirts at this summer, are available in many different colors, fabrics more fresh and light, or in leather, suede and faux leather, plain or still in rows, also very thin, as it was recently spotted in the boutiques of the Centre or on the catwalk.

These skirts are high and this can mark the spot life and thin it; can be rigid or, according to the interpretations in the light of the latest trends, more soft or read. Can be worn with shirts, sweaters, vests, no shorts and juxtaposed with big belts to make the look more gritty!

Skirts: patterns, colors and trends in 2016

Depending on the occasion and their physicality, this summer, you can see her legs and then her skirt suits. Regarding the length, this year our beloved skirt aren’t particularly Court, how precisely the skirts to A (or those in corolla) and skim over and then the knee and this particular decrees also return to the fifties.

Among the reasons, however, are the floral, polka dots and lines and across applications we find especially rhinestones and fringes. The fabrics? Linen, cotton, suede, leather, jeans, lace and ruffles and asymmetrical cuts for a more impish and less heavy. The colors recall the classic red, blue, black and white, yellow and green with those specified by Pantone, including quartz pink and blue serenity. No shortage of animal prints, inspired by the world of the jungle for a more savage or still lines, strokes and Bohemian-inspired shapes and contrast in black and white.

Every self-respecting woman, her skirt!

Wear a skirt does get involved and more than follow the dictates of fashion, it’s important to choose one that fits your body and to your curves, without of course giving up take a look at the latest trends in fashion and style that mark the return not only of going to, very popular in the unforgettable sixties, but also those in wheel and a corolla.

The skirt must value the figure, not detract from it, so it is important to carefully choose the one best suited to your silhouette. Those, in this case, are doing well both at Tall women, because they help give impetus to the figure, both women low, as long as the pulling over in high heels or wedges and perhaps choosing top or short jackets to better highlight the waistline.

What about you? You love pencil skirts?