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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Cleveland, USA) – expositions, opening hours, address, phone numbers, official website.

“If you don’t like rock, you just don’t know rock.” Spreading the word about this most popular genre of music and making you fall in love with it is the mission of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which it has been successfully doing for more than 20 years. One of the most popular “musical” attractions in the United States is a 6-story multimedia museum complex, where everything is dedicated to “pure and holy” rock to the smallest detail. To trace the history of this musical direction from the fine compositions of the early 20th century. to violent modern times, to see Elvis’ guitar and Ringo’s drum, to relive the thrilling moments of legendary shows and to hear rare recordings of the luminaries of rock… “I know it’s just rock ‘n’ roll, but I love it!” See citypopulationreview for state facts, symbols and history of Ohio.

A bit of history

The idea to pay tribute to outstanding rock and roll performers came up with the founder of Atlantic Records, Ahmet Ertegun. In 1983, he formed an association with several music industry professionals called the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Initially, it was what is called a virtual project: every year, the members of the founding committee of the association at the general meeting chose 5-7 of the most significant musicians of this genre, which was then reported in the press. The situation changed in 1986, when the organization announced the search for a place for a very real hall of fame, which would combine the museum and the headquarters of the association. Cleveland won the competition, overtaking such powerful musical competitors as New York, San Francisco, Memphis andChicago. Chuck Berry, Billy Joel, Pete Townsend and Sam Phillips performed at the groundbreaking ceremony for the future Hall of Fame in 1993, and two years later the red ribbon was ceremonially cut by Little Richard and Yoko Ono. Since then, the museum has welcomed over 10 million visitors.

The Guitar Gallery features 15 unique instruments that have defined the history of rock and roll.

What to watch

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame occupies a futuristic 6-story building designed by Chinese-American architect Yuming Pei, author of the famous Louvre Pyramid.

The Rock Theater shows a film every half an hour, presenting the highlights from the last induction ceremony into the Hall of Fame. The Roots of Rock Gallery will tell you about the musical styles that were the forerunners of rock and roll: blues, gospel, country, bluegrass, rhythm and blues, folk. Artifacts from the stage life of famous artists of these genres are exhibited in the showcases and a brief biography is given. Wearing headphones, you can listen to their most popular songs.

Elvis Presley in the museum is dedicated to the vast exposition, showing him not only as an outstanding musician, but also as a wise interlocutor, a spiritual thinker and a generous philanthropist. Among the exhibits are an army uniform and a gold tuxedo, a 1975 Supertrike motorcycle and a Lincoln Continental car, an exclusive Fender Doublebass guitar and a music kiosk filled exclusively with Elvis CDs, a gift to the musician from the RCA record company.

The exhibition “Cities and Sounds” introduces visitors to the “native” cities of various musical genres. Early Memphis rock, Detroit motown, New York punk, Seattle grunge, Liverpool and the British Invasion are inseparable styles of music from where they originated.

The Legends of Rock exposition is a phenomenal collection of stage accessories from famous rockers. Here you can see Axl Rose’s bandannas and Keith Moon’s bass drum, David Bowie’s enchanting costumes and the Beatles’ bonton trebles, Michael Jackson’s diamond glove and Jim Morrison’s scout uniform.

From Eric Clapton’s 1977 acoustic guitar played at the MTV Unplugged concert to John Lennon’s 1965 electric guitar, the Guitar Gallery features 15 unique instruments that have defined the history of rock and roll. whom it is impossible to imagine the sound of rock and roll – the inventors of electric guitars, DJs and popularizers of this musical genre. In the interactive exhibition “Songs that created rock” you can hear the top songs of different years, as well as remember the bands and performers of the same song. The Connor Theater on the third floor of the museum invites you to experience the highlights of the concerts from the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, projected on a high-definition hemispherical screen with panoramic sound.

On the fourth floor there is a permanent exhibition dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Rolling Stone magazine, and the fifth is given to the legendary radio studio Alan Freed, the man who coined the term “rock and roll”.

Practical Information

Address: Cleveland, 1100 Rock and Roll Boulevard. Website in English language.

Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 17:30, on Wednesdays – until 21:00. The museum is closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Entrance – 28 USD, children – 18 USD. Children under 5 years old enter free of charge. The prices on the page are for June 2021.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame