Sex Sells: The New Collection 5 Pockets of Diesel

“Sex sells. Unfortunately we sell jeans”

So as Diesel you wanted to present to the public the new collection 5 pockets of Diesel for the upcoming season spring-summer 2010. Like some hot, others like cold, cold, but what is clear is that the mix between the fire and the water is the key to washes and treatments of next season.

Why? Because on the one hand we have almost burnt jeans in tones lit thanks to advanced techniques, and on the other hand, the wide range of Blues, from the lightest to the indigo, covering a wide chromatic range in which each of the garments It has been hand-painted to ensure that each cowboy is unique and different from the rest.

And for lovers of the denim and more purists and faithful followers of the brand Diesel, specializing in it, have designed the line Blue Eyecons, a very bold and experimental line that have tried to innovate in the world of Cowboy thanks to some more experimental washes, always made by hand.

The name is a reflection of that philosophy, as the term Blue It refers to the color of denim fabric while Eyecons It is precisely in what will make these garments: authentic collector’s pieces, works of art whose production requires different in some cases up to 6 stages and more than 6 hours of work each; abrasions hand-made application of the spray color, treatment with soaps, stones…

Seen the work, imagine if already on its Diesel is expensive, these pants will become part of Star Diesel items only suitable for pockets with less shame.