Rows and Fringes: the Great Comeback in Fashion Spring-Summer 2016!

Rows and fringes depopulated on bags, shoes and clothes: here is the latest trend for the hottest season of the year not to be unprepared!

Rows and fringes we will conquer in spring-summer 2016! Just a few months earlier in the season and then hot and warm that we women can’t wait to say goodbye to coats and stockings, dark colors and heavy fabrics, fresh, light, colorful and with details “stripes” and focusing on the fringe dress! The rows with marinara sauce, red and white or blue and white, wide or thin, or multicolored ones will be much appreciated. But don’t forget to buy clothes with fringe: from the 1970s Cape to celebrate the return, in fashion and style of the Seventies to clothes tricot! Alberta Ferretti in this regard has focused on sensual evening dresses, with long fringes on the skirts. International fashion runways and we have already seen several and commingling of styles scholars for a cool look, sophisticated and trendy!

Campeggeranno prints and stripes on dresses and shirts in neutral shades or vitamin deficiency

In the coming months, with the approach of warm weather, we find “around” the prints in riga. The colors will be mainly the classic white, black, red and blue. There will, however, prints inspired by theop Art, polka dots and quadretti. Campeggeranno fringes on hems and flounces, skirts and dresses, but also in the accessories (bags, shoes, belts). In addition to neutral shades, will meet again in next summer’s coolest clothes declined: Rose Quartz, a tone that conveys calmness and composure; Orange peach echo, a warm color and cheerful; Blue serenity, light, airy and relaxing and the green flash, a bright green and shiny. So, it won’t be hard to find dresses or skirts with fringed ton sur ton declined in these beautiful shade!

Rows and fringes for a look up with the latest trends

The 2016, therefore, sees the return of horizontal or vertical lines, or more dynamic version. For this will be one of the most appreciated Navy style: striped polo shirt and double-breasted jackets will populate our cabinets! Stella Jean backed the skilful contrast of colors presenting his multicolored fringed skirt and the colored striped jacket with flounced skirt. Blumarine has pink and blue striped dresses, a contrast that instills a sense of tranquility and serenity.

Genny offers the striped maxi grey and white blazer, iridescent and lit to ignite the look. Also returns the ethnic style with long skirt by Alberta Ferretti and the striped maxi dress inspired by the colors of mother earth. You also to the combination of color and white marsala NO 21, while Blumarine has a transparent striped long dress and flowers in blue and Rose Quartz.

Geometric, lines on fabric tricot, double chest in line with the Navy Style and…

The main focus of the spring days will be the perfect suit for day at the Office. The suit revisited and clear Prada comes in white, yellow and black edges adds a touch of liveliness. Can not miss the texture of red, blue and white stripe spring coat by Giorgio Armani as Etro focuses on elegance of lace and stripes.

The Missoni lines look focuses on tricot, while Trussardi ‘s suit is black and double-breasted, remembering the Navy style. Maryling plays on the contrast between vertical, oblique and horizontal lines and matching black crop top and Red skirt, while the trench coat Fay comes in dark blue model Navy style.

Rows and fringes, polka dots and prints, return to unforgettable 70s, bright colors and vibrant hues and switched on: here are some of the trends! Don’t miss the next style advice, not to arrive unprepared for the summer 2016!