Romantic Sangallo: How to Wear It and What Accessories Match

Summer is not over yet despite the weather dancer and some scattered rain, and we at 365moda we still have many chic and refined proposals for your look. And what if we told you: sangallo lace? 2016 Summer fashion trends have seen the triumph of lace: macramé, crochet, valencienne lace, French, chantilly, and the inevitable sangallo. The latter is versatile and less challenging, the tunnel patterns are intriguing, while the fabric is light and fresh. In the summer you should never find yourself too, even when the heat leaves no room for other solutions, the romantic sangallo can not miss in your summer wardrobe and now we will find out together how to wear it and what are the accessories to match.

The sangallo is associated with the white and Tan skin does not pass unnoticed. We remind our friends that this is the year fashionistas boho-chic style stylish trend and at the same time. For a day look and to deal with the last days of work Valentino offers the big high waist skirt in sangallo with a ruffle that gives movement to match the blouse with short sleeves and side slits of Penny Black. The outfit is also indicated if temperatures are lower, and if you really don’t want to give up the sangallo lace but it rains, the perfect pairing is with both jeans pants skirts.

In contrast, when temperatures from black vignette here include the mini dresses to wear as a kind of blouse if your forms are generous. The romantic sangallo also is a wonderful fabric that doesn’t wrinkle and, even with some wrinkle, don’t bother. We have already given some advice on what to pack, with the sangallo can’t go wrong. Blugirl for his collection brought a lovely dress, sleeveless option practice of H & M, the top wide is breathable and hides some roundness too. Those who have spent the winter in the gym and is ready for the test shorts can dare with lace sangallo Gant to match the hat from diva and maxi wedges. For happy hour downtown with friends is always better not to renounce the bon ton, cities are deserted but the style can never go on vacation. Hurry up to the last days of outlet by Reasons, the head of the summer collection, which is the sleeveless cotton tights sangallo , may still be available in your size. With some jewelry in ethnic style and a blazer you’ll be perfect for walks along the promenade or outside.

In addition to sangallo lace minidress longdress and there are also the sheath dresses, some models have the short sleeve, other spaghetti straps and subtle or classic cocktail, always of the same material. The proposed Zara emerald green and yellow banana went like hot cakes, but the sangallo is just white. If you fear the transparencies don’t worry, you can always undo with a petticoat in solid linear shape.