Rhinestones, Jewels and Sequins for a Hot Season and Glittering!

Fashion spring-summer 2016: Rhinestones, jewels and sequins

The great return of Rhinestones, jewels and sequins: making sparkling iridescent and our clothing spring-summer 2016 will glitter on soft colors and playful at the same time they’re going to shine even more hot summer nights! Already anticipate the catwalks of New York, London, Paris and Milan: here the fashion addicted have glimpsed Rhinestones, feathers, tiny bright inserts and sequins and in particular top with glitter, transparent skirts and jackets, bright and declined in brilliant colors! Read all about the latest trends in style!

The woman loves the look sparkling iridescent 2016, to confirm it is the big brands for spring-summer 2016: Rhinestones, jewels and sequins

Inserts bijoux, small items of jewelry will make our most glamorous outfits and less obvious. The woman loves jeans trouser especially 2016 declined in boyfriend, masculine cut, but at the same time doesn’t seem to want to give up vices and charms and her innate sensuality. The clothes will shine with their own light and make them important and never dull will think pretty inserts: sequins, feathers, glitter, small crystals that give more value to the heads.

The shades will be tenuous but resolved, among them include the Rose Quartz,Blue serenity, red fiesta, the lilac and the games in black and white. The woman in the summer 2016, want to be flashy, eccentric but don’t want to compromise on sophistication. To witness it is Gucci. The famous and popular brand, for the new season offers outfits with colorful prints and sophisticated or with sequins and Rhinestones, decorative elements also on earrings, big glasses and handbags and shoes decorated with small stones and studs.

Accessories and latest style proposals… strictly glitter!

And speaking of accessories. As for the bags, do not miss the clutch bags encrusted with sequins or glitter to match strictly to high heeled shoes, perhaps studded with tiny points of light. Very popular fabric belts rhinestone will also be covered, to make it flashy even the most dull. Light up your look even scarves adorned with sequins to give the jacket a new light. For a glam and in the same time rock, the watchword is daring: Patrizia Pepe offers unique ankle boots model Socket glitterati, but also comfortable Court shoes with glitter and espadrilles studded with glitter.

Glittering Chanel, Versace and Armani’s proposals: Rhinestones, jewels and sequins on…

And now we find out the latest trends of the maison Chanel, Versace and Armani. Chanel metallic or rhinestone clutch for the evening, for day and night, available in denim enriched with unique colored rhinestones! As for the clothes, Chanel gives the look a touch fairy: tulle, precious embroidery, clothes with Rhinestones and shimmering elements and sophisticated Empire style.

Versace’s clothes, are sexy slits and dizzying, perfect for sensual women and determined. There is an alternation between gauzy skirts and tight bodices, tailoring that reveal the most sensual of the female body; original contrasts in black and white, all embellished with Crystal rhinestone straps. Very special is also the backpack with Rhinestones: Brown bed and rhinestones in green, yellow and black.

Giorgio Armani offers rhinestone-covered sandals with small crystals and transparencies for an original look and sophisticated.

The “mirror” returns to the big to give light to your style. Skirts, dresses, jackets, tops and bottoms will present shiny small details: buttons made of coral, Crystal, shiney. It only remains to prepare for the hottest season of the year, don’t you think?