Ralph Lauren Celebrating His 40 Years with a Retrospective Book

In recent times it seems that several designers and firms celebrate anniversary and everyone celebrates it in a different way. Dior and Galliano with a lavish parade, the elegant Valentino with an exhibition and Ralph Lauren with a retrospective book of his legacy in the fashion.

Are forty years of creating clothes that exsuden American style and that honored him during the most recent awards from the CFDA. In an earlier edition of the always elegant Audrey Hepburn “said American Designer:”If you say that something is very ‘Ralph Lauren’ when you understand”.

Why? Well because the style of Ralph Lauren does not vary dramatically, your clothes are timeless and always come handy without taking many risks. In addition to mentioning it immediately come to our mind completely iconic images such as the style of the jeans, khaki safari look and white, pictures and boots and even a much sportier outfit shirts.

So the book is fabulous, that compiles various reflections of life style created by Ralph Lauren in all these years since in 1967 the birth of their brand Polo shirts with the iconic is full. Is a faithful reflection of the philosophy of the designer, the creative process, their career progression and personal passions that in a Deluxe Edition of 500 pages They tell us an important chapter in the history of the world of fashion.

It contains 750 photographs and illustrations and is divided into four sections: LIFE (the life of Ralph), MOVIES (advertising campaigns of firm), HEROINES (the iconic women who created) and HISTORY (the professional life of the designer between 1967 and 2007). The book will be released in October 16 and will be available via Amazon.com for the price of $91.80 (75 Euro approximately), a good gift early Christmas this time.