Pull & Bear Xmas Collection 09: Looks for This Christmas

As it has become the custom for these dates, all brands are trying to get for Christmas a Christmas lookbook that give us ideas for this new year’s Eve, Christmas Eve and other social and thus step meetings slip any of their outfits of the season Autumn-winter 2009 / 2010 that otherwise he would end up in an Outlet store or last season. An aggressive campaign and of course quite successful.

What if Zara and H & M they had joined this proposal, Pull & Bear It was not going to be less, and not only throws a Xmas 09 collection but it has furthermore decided to audiovisualizar all their proposals in a video that includes the best of the collection.

The video shows that many qualify everything less elegant and classy and quite away from the usual aesthetics of Pull and Bear models. Long suits, shirts, jackets, American, and a large presence of the bow ties as well as of the ties and hats.

The style is still pretty casual, betting on somewhat aggressive looks, in which elegance lets step by the casual looks subordinated to garments with larger shoes or jackets (something similar to what you mentioned with the baroque look) and the self-assurance.

From my point of view is more of the same camouflaged by black and white. It is one thing to buy clothes at affordable prices and another well different to go new year’s day echo an piltrafilla. I personally would not put it me, now, to taste, colors.