Pull and Bear and Its Collection of Superhero T-Shirts

Hulk, Spiderman, the Captain America y Silver Surfer (Estela plated for the more canis) are the protagonists of the collection of superhero t-shirts that it has taken Pull and Bear to expand the proposals fall winter as we had previously.

In this case, the t-shirts are enough simple, rescuing those heroes who at the bottom like everyone and making them as great central motive no more frills. The colors background are smooth, and are dark grey and white to violet, turquoise and Fuchsia tones that remind me of personally to the noventa-ochenta.

The House thus maintains the tendency of the group to remove new things throughout the season and force you to make the weekly paseíllo by shops.

And the truth is that it is sometimes worth, in addition to being good strategy: not only don’t you get tired of seeing always the same in the windows but it every now also have to talk about them.

These t-shirts are included within its more casual line Xdye and they are going for a modest 15 euros. It will be that I am already contaminated from the festive spirit, but I see them more than suitable for some invisible friend.