Pictures Of The Day Into The Dreamland: With Stine Goya Spring/Summer 2017

Stine goya’s recipe for success after all these years in the business? You remain faithful, without stop to. Not running behind, but selects the tempo all on its own. While their danish college * inside ever more on athleticism, unisex and distant body looks, caused stine goya cotton candy moments has always been a touch qualities, and playful femininity between all of the kid cool attitude. To embark on a different path, seems to be paying off: while it is always silent to brands such as wood wood, madame goya now really takes off: for store openings in their native homeland, the step beyond the country’s borders should be risked coming soon – and we keep all fingers crossed that also works.

If we the upcoming spring/summer look at collection, we’re however not worried, that the project „ expansion “ even remotely fail could „ to be beautiful one must be unhurried. Personality is needed “ – has inspired stine goya of the socialite of the 20s, marchesa luisa di casati, leave for the summer 2017. of the beauty of nature, which are denominated in aesthetics, the theatrics and the streets of venice. And how great that in true become fabric dreams looks that you see here:

Produced colorful garden on exotic spectacle of animals, including tigers and snakes, portrayed in the collection as artistic interpretation of elegant monkeys and alluring cream coloured shirt flowers, luring around the neck of a, on the waist of a pair of pants or in the dress spacious fingers folds of a.

Inspired by marchesa luisa di casati, stine goya created a collection that alternates between theater costumes and dream worlds, reminiscent of dreamy ballet dance and a touch “alice in wonderland” sprayed.

The result of its small excursion in the 20s? Stine goya’s key pieces, which again takes up about all the seasons meet playful dresses, carnival-inspired blouses, flowery (which remind of the garden by marchesa luisa casati) and balloon sleeves as far as the eye can see: the twisted, skin-tight dress, their typical body distant two-parter and kimonos.

The most beautiful looks.