Outfit in the test / / the comeback of the impact pants

Between “for God’s sake, no!” and “make, immediately!” are actually not many opinions on this subject: strike pants celebrates its revival now? Can we revive the flower power 70 s but a little further? Or should we despise you if at all possible keep? Yesterday I was conflicted – and that’s flirting while my ancient model of 7 pretty in there urge me for all mankind since a little while – today, the whole was carefully taken in attack.

The fact is: I feel actually once again correctly woman attracted to – what train level a) can lying on the higher shoes and b) on the fact that I tend as a rule to the Crackle clothing. The result is upgradeable, no question. We call it simple: the casual-Friday-test. But the feeling is great. Above closely, far below: The good old blow pants may believe so like come back – and are executed by all.

pants: 7 for all mankind, knitting: & other stories, shirt: Wood Wood,
Shoes: Balenciaga 2nd hand, clutch: MCM

because, contrary to the opinion of many of you, I believe that look both round curves and long legs or shorter stilts quite good at it. True to the motto: I can’t, are not! Longer top (or even dress?), crop top or short sweater – I am in any case far a little bit more diversity on the streets of this world and will grope me further from the stroke. Also with ballerinas and sneakers to.

Well, what do you say: I me completely wrong or the blow goes through actually, hmm?

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