Outfit By Saint Laurent, Elephant Skin, And A Pink Camera

There are clothes and accessories, which loves, but not wearing one. Because “l’ enfer c’est les autres” claimed sartre once and kept so basically taken up right now, anyway, if you ask me, and anyway, you remember maybe this text i typed after you went me due to a rented pouch sewn verbally by the throat and spat poison arrows. Same reason i wear my saint-laurent pregnancy gift to myself, that was (almost) affordable through a series of stunning coincidences, also only very, very rarely. It is a tragedy. But now, i have indeed set made me to breed an elephant skin – and as you can see, gave yesterday first successes to list, yes.

After me last week that my beloved camera off the shelf shredded was, could me anyway nothing and no one and no comment of the world get more socks. I thought at least – until samsung moguntiacum played and put me a jane-wayne pink replacement to test it in the mail box, which i was eyeing first once very critical. Quite wrongly, as should be at the end out. But first back to the outfit:

Can someone tell me, how we ever could do without summer trench coats? Without sturdy shoes and socks?
A favorite station wagon, which unfortunately only a few weeks (sometimes only days!) Works in the year: knitting plus naked legs. If once who would make a nice alternative to tights. Transparent thermal heat storage spray for example – it would give me an inner flower picking.

There he is again, the “camera”, which in the professional jargon “nx mini” called – is the thinnest and lightest camera (with interchangeable lenses) of the world, i am told. I must honestly admit that i no idea have technology, which is why i can tell you just from the gut, what i think of this undoubtedly beautiful and accessory-compatible pocket companion:

It works. The images are sharp as blades and i now finally know who will be the successor of my shattered mirror reflex brocken.

What i’m doing here is of course great nonsense, i have noticed that also quite quickly. There is even no viewfinder, but a touch screen display:

This should be an ordinary outfit post and no camera review actually, but i’m actually genuinely excited by the following function:
“selfies”, for what bloggers as tourists are so famous, can you raise mini with the nx, without pressing a single button, so even from a distance – thanks to the “samsung smart camera” app , or:

Use of own smile or wink – you may choose. We have for the smile shutter decided, because we obviously lack for the eyelashes strumming volume:

also virtually: when i hold my iphone to the camera, the shot images transferred automatically to my gallery – for instagram, you know.
More info’s here.
For all that smart are also looking for a new cam: if you have questions, just ask – i give love to a few professional tips.

Coat: monki / / pocket: saint laurent / / dress: h & m / / shoes: cheap monday

– in friendly cooperation with samsung –