Outfit Buffer, Raspberry & The Kilim Of Clutch By Silvia Wife

Since a half eternity I wonder now why I suddenly give noises from me at the sight of all raspberry tones, as just a Dogs Puppies in the arms was run. All of Frenchwomen spout affect buying started probably sometime in the winter, love has been sealed but eventually bastards like dries van Noten and collections by Rodebjer or Dior – them everywhere, the color between pink, purple and knows what not what was suddenly I.

anyway, this whole mental color confusion with me obviously also to style confusion leads, because my outfit from yesterday I don’t know what it will be now. Comfortable, as always, is right, a bit French, logically, but then is odd: to a Kilim clutch by Silvia wife (thanks Journelles flea market!) and on top of that boat shoes? The idea is still not so bad in my hormone-soaked eyes. And I like to be totally honest: actually, I wore white sneakers – I saw me just so damn tired of the pabulum and urgently needed a mini short sneaker break:
a frequently asked question: „ Yes, are these clutches not terribly impractical? “ of course they are, somehow, anyway you can not hang around is quite obviously they. I’m so: I’m actually very happy to do, to carry my bag – which guarantees may be also due to that I ever was smoking and never left the front door empty-handed. Contaminated sites! And also, the Silvia wife Monster donates safety in the urban jungle.
By the way: Six weeks! My stomach now but also really rather feels like exploding balloon and is felt in every minute. Hat: American Apparel / / sweater: & other stories / / dress: Wood Wood / /
footwear: Timberland / / Pocket: Silvla wife / /