Onslow & Mackerel Islands

Onslow & the Mackerel Islands are rarely retrieved tourist destinations in the Pilbara in the north of Western Australia . Since the place with the offshore islands is not exactly on the typical travel route of most people, you have your peace and quiet and the beach partly all to yourself. The highlights of the fishing village are the so-called Staircase to the Moon and the fact that you can see both sunrise and sunset on the coast of Onslow. Furthermore, the small town 1,400km north of Perth is the starting point for the lonely Mackerel Islands.

Things to do & see in Onslow

Sleepy Onslow on the Ashburton River has 1,000 residents, and there is really nothing else you can do but swim, fish, walk and relax. At the harbor the boats of the fishing fleet, which attract not only fresh fish and shrimp on land anchor. There is also a pearl farm, an oil platform and a saltwater saline. Between March and October there is the phenomenon of the Staircase to the Moon on the coast , which can be enjoyed here without the tourist crowds on the mainland. The best places to marvel at sunrise and sunset are Sunset Beach , the two viewpoints at Beadon Point and the wrong way of the Ian Blair Memorial Walk. Further sights are the Goods Shed Museum and the many large termite mounds in the area around the village. At the mouth of the Ashburton River , the historic ruins of the former Onslow are also available for viewing. On this river, the Five Mile Pool and the Three Mile Pool invite you to fish, catch crabs and picnic. However, one should not swim in the Ashburton River or in the adjacent river system, as saltwater crocodiles have already been sighted here. But do not worry, you can get a safe refreshment on the town beach of Onslow. fishing You can also go to the harbor, Beadon Creek, Groyne, Four Mile Creek (10km outside) and the 1.3km long jetty, which is even illuminated at night.

Things to do & see on the Mackerel Islands

The 10 islands of the Mackerel Islands can boast with white sandy beaches, the 6 km long coral atolls and an exciting underwater world. Directions Island is 11km off the coast of Onslow and Thevenard Island is 22km away . Water rats, divers, anglers and sun worshipers can let off steam here, away from the tourist crowds on the mainland. Snorkeling, collecting shells or relaxing are other popular activities on the Mackerel Islands. In addition, on Thevenard Island you can take a look at the large gasoline factory that doesn’t really fit in with the idyll.

Helpful information

Arrival & onward travel

45km north of the Nanutarra Roadhouse is the 81km long Onslow Road from the North West Coastal Highway, which leads directly into town. The buses of the Integrity Coach Lines stop at the turn to Onslow, from where you can take a shuttle bus or taxi to the town (approx. 90 km). In addition, the small Onslow Airport was built south of the town center. The Mackerel Islands, on the other hand, can be traveled with a tour and a chartered or your own boat.

Tourist Information

The Onslow Tourism & Progress Association (Second Avenue) provides information and brochures about the Mackerel Islands and other attractions in the area. The Karratha Visitor Center (De Witt Road) and the Milyering Visitor Center in the Cape Range National Park also provide information about the archipelago.

Further information

Onslow has a small supermarket, petrol stations and other general facilities. The nearest rest stops are the Nanutarra Roadhouse in the south, the Fortescue River Roadhouse in the northeast and the gas station in Pannawonica.

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