Not Tea Never Seen as Mariah Carey

In Trendencianormally what we do is propose looks, do not dispose of them or more strongly, to prohibit them. But with Mariah Carey We will make an exception, for the common good, lest some clueless thinking that is what goes, and because there should be a law that multase to any that might or could, emulating his style. Carey suffers from what I call a syndrome of the singers in r & b, to which nature endowed at its prodigious voice, bad taste.

If yesterday we saw as Ashanti was spending them, today curls curl the white voice of black, my Mariah, to which I have a deep affection, but that more than a marriage counselor or a psychologist, I would recommend urgently a good stylist.

There is no where to take the outfit that has brought us to attend a program of MTV: miniskirt of Rainbow, sky blue shirt knotted navel, and peep toes of Louboutin, specifically a model called Altadama Watersnake, which cost a whopping $995. Goes without saying that the the saved from burning, are wonderful but very expensive shoes.