Natalie Portman as Judge in Project Runaway

Apparently the role of judge liked to the talented Natalie Portman, who by the way looks very pretty in The Other Boleyn Sister next to Scarlett Johansson. Why is that, in addition to his appearance at Cannes, it has decided to serve as a judge on the television Project Runaway program accompanying to Heidi Klum It is one of the hostesses.

Tonight is transmitted the chapter in which the Portman will serve as judge for the challenge eco-friendly who has touched those who hope to become designers. So for the presentation, Natalie wore an appropriate model in emerald green. Neckline with a draped in the chest that goes to the ring cocktail model with a black ribbon at waist marking your figure.

The model green feels very good to Natalie, who apparently discovered that it was a color very flattering in the shooting along with Scarlett, as in the tape the Portman appears with several models in this color that stresses his brown hair and big eyes. Well, we’ll see who wins the challenge and that new design offers us Natalie.