Moda Donna Spring/Summer 2016: white and New Original Combinations with Black!

Moda donna spring/summer 2016: optical, striped, black and white mosaic and…

The fashion week, spring/summer 2016, prefers the clothes in black and white but with original mosaic optical combinations, stripes, polka dots and much more! And total white or his combinations with black, have not gone unnoticed on the runways of New York, London, Paris and Milan. Among the models of clothes there is a fixed rule: the dress tunic, tunic dresses and slit skirts or lolita style, vaporous between models that will make inroads into our hearts. And not only. To garner acclaim will also mix black and white. We like the Optical style, two-tone, black and white polka dot headbands, costume with black and white tiles that resemble crossword puzzles or jackets and coats with contrasting black or white lapels, high-waisted trousers flared in noir and so much more! Let us read more!

The pure-white with transparency and light lace, one of the trends of spring/summer 2016 for women

The white expresses candour, composure and lightness. Perfect in every time of the day, from the morning to the sea to ride into town with her friends, is one of the colors that together with theBlue serenity, the Rose Quartz, Earth Brown and Mint green couldn’t help but wear. In particular the long dress pattern tunic with lace and embroidery retro flavour, transparency, light and ethereal, pure-white, we will bring in a chic and cool, sober and refined. Fabrics include linen and cotton. In addition to the model that will be much required peplum tunic, like the shirts, de-and re-laid out in new forms and in most contemporary trends.

Black and white, 2016, spring/summer fashion week: more original combinations

The clothing will be hyper-feminine in spring/summer 2016 regarding women. Let the shouldersto look sensual and enveloping. But not only. Very popular are also those designed to leave completely bare shoulders. In black, we have also been eyeing the oversize distinctly masculine-cut dress, reminiscent of the style and form, formal jackets for men, while we find black high-waisted flared trousers matched with white crop top with bows and cuffs in black and white, worn with flamenco shoes for a look that brings to mind echoes Latin Americans!

Perfect even white shorts, black and white op Art effect suits and outfits that evoke in Accessories, clothes in black and white combinations, such as shoes, such as summer boots, fresh and light, with the same reasons featured on the shirts. No shortage of nuances and shades read greyed, which make less dish the contrast between the two tones. Gauzy skirts or fluctuating and graceful, sensual and original black and white combinations slits for Elizabeth Franchi. It also has a glitter, fringe and rhinestones on gowns available in these shades.

Spring/summer fashion week: 2016 original combinations in black and white from the international fashion runways

And now, watch out for the most prestigious brands! Fendi, Prada and Emanuel Ungaro introduce 3D flowers come to life and shape on coats and skirts in white and colors; Céline plays on the contrast between black and white, with black dress and embroidered lingerie shows and contemporary cut shoes; Marni superimposes big t-shirt black white sports cut-out dresses; Peter Pilotto focuses on pinstriped with slanting lines on background light blue or white; Thom Browne offers an Eastern fit suit with black and white patterns.

Lace fabrics, meshes and textures in full view

View seams, lapels contrast effect but also plot in black and white and white pinafore dress are to report as the latest trend. The tendency and white lace makes the clothes sensual and alluring. The lingerie is worn as outwear. Balencianga prefers white lace for dresses with floral boho chic textures, for sleepers and shirts read and sophisticated. Dolce & Gabbana presents, in line with the return of the 1950s, the Black Lace to match it with refined pencil tops, while Ermanno Scervin or sensual and refined dresses with side bets on semi-discoveries, offered in black lace.

Stay tuned to find out any other upcoming trends for not arriving unprepared for summer!