Moda Donna Spring 2016: Color Trend Will Be Rose Quartz

Pantone has elected the Rose Quartz fashion color trend spring 2016 and beyond, from the runways to the design, the beauty, the proposals are not lacking and we 365Moda we decided to disclose them in preview. The nuance Rose Quartz besides being hyper feminine gives a natural glow that turns any woman into a goddess. Pantone is the U.S. company that classifies and categorizes colors and when it is decided that all must adapt, trend or run for cover in case the fashion collections are ready. The Rose Quartz is different from Pastel pink because it’s much more decisive, and not at all like it. No problem, besides the Rose Quartz the palette of colors to choose from for spring 2016 includes peach echo, the green flash, and the lilac grey.

The executive director of Pantone explained we chose the color pink quartz because our eyes and especially the mind need rest. The technology is part of our life 25 hours out of 24 per day (and that’s not a typo!) and shades cocoon promote relaxation. The celebrity doesn’t have absences at the Venice Film Festival 2015 Dakota Johnson has landed in the lagoon with a gorgeous gown by Prada Rose Quartz, and the New York Fashion Week he winked to all aspiring Carrie in the Big Apple. Tadashi Soji chose to add crochet detail on knee-length skirts, paired with mini-Mermaid gowns, more elegant shawl should not be underestimated, especially if you will be the special guests of the wedding of your best friend. The Rose Quartz is color of “girls”, when we come into the world, everything around us is tinged with soothing tones, but men also welcomed the guidelines Pantone, so do not be surprised if we will see them worn with aplomb a trouser or jacket.

The Rose Quartz has always been loved, we think of Audrey Hepburn who was devout, and Gwyneth Paltrow in 1999 received the Oscar for best actress for Shakespeare in Love and the award ceremony for the prize had a suit in solid (which match a great time at the Golden statuette).

How to match the color pink quartz?

The look total rose quartz is not an eyesore, to break up the monochrome you can opt for leather, black or silver accessories. Who has the traits too thin and unable to give up the highlights and the platinum blonde, should avoid this kind of outfit because the effect baby doll is not well at all, especially at over 20. The winning combination is the one with the Orange and red, Tang, Prada and Desigual have tried playing with geometric and abstract patterns.

Furniture Pantone 13-1520

Even the fabrics and furnishings for the House were painted. Pantone team monitors for months trends and decide on the color of the year is not a game-style “Are the Witch of many colours”. After years of strong shades the company wanted to give a clear signal and the invitation is to find the most intimate part of ourselves, perhaps on a nice couch like that of the photo.

Before leaving, we reveal a little secret, Pantone has also elected the blue serenity as the color of the year (Pantone 15-3919). But we’ll talk about next time. Keep following us on Facebook so you don’t miss updates on the latest trends.