Milan Fashion Week 6 Trends, We Should See Us Off By Gucci For The Summer

Hardly an other show was longed so eagerly up like Alessandro Micheles presentation for Gucci. Michele has not only succeeded in the past few seasons, completely to dust down the traditional label from Italy, Michele has completely changed the whole fashion industry within a very short time on its head: the fun is back, the opulence is again welcomed and “goes does not’s not” is preached, what keeps this stuff. Tens generic have since jumped on the train of Gucci, have inspired by Renaissance loving creations, brought loops and ruffles in all imaginable places, pleated back rummaged out of oblivion or have with jumped on the slippers – and loafer train. Michele got them all and yesterday proved that a change of course still not in sight.

A bit darker it looks collection for 2017, the spring/summer, still verschrobener than usual and who is not fixed on any accents of aka clues, sits at this point probably just only still shaking his head at the PC. Is it art or we are kidding here actually after stroke and thread? Maybe it’s a mixture of both and this Mr Michele while testing our limits in Milan. We treat him this fun and our small, fine highlights from the upcoming collection just find us. 6 trends, we’re certainly going to:

Star Wars meets the Sun King Ludwig XIV meets the Monegasques hits of the 80s. So or such. I am considering all the time, how my grandma in the face of these looks would react, I remember images, on which she looked similar. Their eyes glow or cries out loud. It has driven too far this time Michele?

  1. There may be not enough loops:


  1. Emphasized shoulders
  2. Shimmering materials


  1. Waist belt (-grinding) set


5 colored seams, outlines & rivets.

Not about 6, is not. Combination courage before!

My personal favorite – for everyday use, of course.

And all questions: plateau comes back 90s revival now after a short?

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