Maldives and Palau


In addition to being an island nation in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are one thing above all else: a holiday destination for dream vacations on islands in the most beautiful sea. Of the 1190 islands of the Maldives, which are located southeast of India and Sri Lanka, 87 are developed for tourism. Ideal for island hopping, where you can discover or be shown the individuality of the respective islands. What you will find everywhere are palm trees, inviting sandy beaches and often beautiful lagoons. The big exception among the islands is MalĂ©: the main island and the only city in the republic… which, by the way, is considered the most densely populated city in the world. Here you will find most of the cultural sights that are rather rare in the Maldives, like the impressive Sultan Mohammed Thakurufaanu Mosque with its golden dome and the 40 m high minaret, the holy shrine of the monk Abu Yusuf Barakat Al Barbari, the National Museum or the Singapore Bazaar with its labyrinth of small alleys that – like the numerous markets of the city – also part of the island’s culture. You will also find local cultural offerings in the Addus, traditional island villages. But the Maldives are above all a tropical beach paradise where you can soak up the sun and relax, which is ideal for surfing and sailing (even with Maldivian dhoni sailing boats), which invites you to dive and snorkel with a fascinating underwater world and which makes it easy for you makes to be quite vacation.


The island state of Palau is one of the most beautiful diving spots in the world. The islands east of the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean even belonged to Germany for a few years before the First World War.

Breathtaking views

Palau offers its visitors unique landscapes, such as the so-called Rock Islands, which are part of the world cultural heritage. These are small, very green rock islands overgrown with trees and bushes that protrude from the sea.

Enjoy one of the most beautiful diving spots

The main activity that can be done in Palau is diving. The diving paradise offers guaranteed big fish on every dive such as reef sharks, tuna, manta rays, but also turtles. Huge visibility ranges of up to 60 meters are possible when diving.

Go swimming with the jellyfish

Another attraction in Palau is Ongeim’l Tketau, the lake of jellyfish. This 300 m wide and 30 m deep salt lake is home to around 30 million golden yellow jellyfish. The mastigias are 23 cm tall and have a poison that is barely noticeable to humans. Therefore, brave visitors can go swimming with the jellyfish and touch them without any problems.

More activities on Palau

Another attraction in Palau is the Ngardmau waterfall. This is located on the largest island of Babeldaob and is the largest waterfall in Micronesia with a height of 217 m. Furthermore, travelers can go back and forth between the islands by canoe and visit the different islets.