Louis Vuitton Plunges Fully into The World of Magic

Louis Vuitton He wanted to pay tribute to one of the most famous children’s stories of all time writers: Charles Perrault. Who is Charles Perrault? Since the same name os does not sound much. It was a French writer known internationally for having given literary form many of the classic tale which, there that I am sure that you can not catch and you will be recognize more than one of his works, by some of his most famous creations are Tom Thumb or little Red Riding Hood,.

Well. Louis Vuitton He wished to pay a tribute to the writer and throughout his campaign for the catalogue of Christmas stories, magic and the environment than rodeo has based both the life of the writer as the characters in his stories. And since then has managed it, and more than.

Bags, wallets, watches, scarves and other add-ons that the House had proposed to take in his private collection for these dates as indicated, are surrounded of a magical atmosphere, between animal and leafy, bucolic atmosphere, background fog, forests, mushrooms and flowers everywhere.

Have simply tried to emulate the place where supposedly developed most of his works)forests with a mysterious touch) and get in that way that products acquire a touch more mysterious and exotic with which to attract new clientele.

The collection in general, ignoring external and decorative details, is mainly composed of plug-ins and as wholesale clothing porte only we find shirts and shoes, of course for man. Your online, pretty classic and with the distinctive logo of the House in all the garments and in the catalog, Louis Vuitton has managed to make a 180 degree turn to your catalog.