Landmarks of Leipzig, Germany

Since the reunification of Germany, Leipzig has done a lot to give the city a more modern look. Many historic buildings have been refurbished and much has been done for art and culture. The center, where a lot of old and new come together, has a green appearance, partly thanks to the many parks and wooded areas. Leipzig is known for its famous composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Richard Wagner and Felix Mendelssohn. A fair amount has been preserved around these masters of music. There are excellent shopping opportunities in this German city and the nightlife has plenty to offer.

Leipzig ‘s Top 10 Things to Do

#1. Thomaskirche
This is one of the two largest churches in Leipzig. It was built between 1212 and 1222. The Thomaskirche is world famous because Bach was the leader and conductor of the boys’ choir. This memory is designed with the statues of Bach, one of which is located at the side entrance of the church. The other statue, along with Mendelssohn’s, is in the park near the main entrance.

#2. Mendelssohn House
According to, Goldschmidtstrae is home to the home of the famous composer Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. This former residence now houses the museum, which is entirely devoted to this master. The original furniture, watercolors by him, the study and music room can be admired here.

#3. Volkenschlachtdenkmal
This enormous war memorial has been erected to commemorate the Battle of the Nations in 1813 on the spot where Napoleon was during these battles. At least half a million soldiers fought there against the armies of Austria, Russia, Sweden and Prussia. All victims are commemorated with it.

#4. The old town hall
The beautiful old town hall is one of the most beautiful Renaissance buildings in Germany. Much of the city’s history is told through exhibitions here. The second floor is more equipped for children. Here they can climb, follow courses or follow other educational themes.

#5. Grassi Museum für Völkerkunde
Almost every culture in the world is highlighted in this museum. You are making a trip around the world, as it were. Its history goes back to about 140 years ago. The various exhibitions show, among other things, jewellery, art and articles from the daily life of different cultures.

#6. Panometer
In a former storage facility for natural gas, the artist Yadegar Asisi is creating a number of thematic exhibitions. Here the focus is on themes such as those about Mount Everest, Ancient Rome and the Amazon of South America. In addition to visualizing these themes, light and sound are also used to simulate, for example, a tropical rain shower.

#7. Theme Park Belantis Leipzig
Just outside the city is a fun and extensive theme park. The park is fun for young and old. There are many different attractions and shows are performed regularly. For brave children, real pirate tests can be carried out. There are also plenty of food and drink options.

#8. Clara Zetkin Park / Rose Valley
This largest park in Leipzig covers approximately 125 hectares. The park is a popular resting point for the local population. On weekends and during warm summer evenings, people like to spend time with or without children in the large playground or the open-air theatre. It is also possible to have something to eat or drink in the restaurant.

#9. Augustusplatz
This largest square on the east side of the center has a few special buildings. Here you will find the Opernhaus (opera), Gewandhaus where the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra plays and the buildings of the University. The glass tubes, which are called ‘milk bottles’ by the population, are stairwells to the underground parking garage.

#10. Zoologischer Garten
Leipzig Zoo has some 850 animal species spread over six different themed worlds. An attempt is made to place the animals in the best possible habitat, taking into account some challenges. Since 2011, a tropical world has even been created with more than 17,000 tropical plants and 300 exotic animals.

Leipzig, Germany