Knot, the Sandal Only Because Experimental and Innovative!

Knot, a collaboration between Kartell and # 21, it’s the Sandalwood that brings together “the opposites”: practical, yet chic; while Matt and shiny textures…

Made of shiny plastic material with opaque details and available in the most exclusive boutiques of the planet in January 2016, Knot is the new innovative sandal born from creativity of two exceptional brands such as Kartell, plastic furniture and accessory company that manages to give us every aspect of lifestyle, such as accessories and furnishing and N° 21, famous brand of clothing , much appreciated for its original creations. An unusual sandal, practical and chic at the same time that we are in the warm season 2016, a shoe that we define as the perfect combination of fashion, design and experimentation. One of the hallmarks of this sandal that will capture is the staple on para a tank flat. Let’s find out more.

Knot: the original flat sandals in its simple design and very studied and researched

Fashion victims cannot miss the sandal Knot. Black, yellow mustard, Khaki, bordeaux and face powder, here is the color palette, strongly prompting the colors of mother earth, that has declined the new sandal, which aims to unify the opposites: polished with the opaque, femininity expressed by Flake habit to the sole tank that invokes covertly, instead, the masculine element.

The shoe monochrome and maxi Bow Knot, symbolizing the woman with determination and energy and at the same time with its “fragility” addresses the different situations of life. More than just a fashion accessory, those sandals, as can be seen from the pictures, represent real design projects. The sandal Knot is characterized by a staple imperfect, knotted, broken away from the concept of womanhood bon ton.

Light but at the same time flexible and feminine: it looks like this Knot

Knot is a sandal impressive but at the same time lightweight, flexible, feminine, but also extremely comfortable and practical. We started from the study of matter to arrive at that perfect Union, therefore, between art, fashion and design. A new way of thinking about the shoe, between experimentation and contemporaneity, that aims to be comfortable, but at the same time to be presented in compelling fashion content.

Flake, star of the hot summer 2016

The jib is big, split and imperfect, feminine but away from that concept of femininity excessively bon ton. And, as sighted already near the end of the 2015 international fashion catwalks, flake, returns to the imperfect version, not frilly or will return to popular fashion accessories, shirts, pants, shoes in versions as diverse as mini, big or little detail as to enrich the hairstyle. Becomes an important accessory ready to give prominence to a belt or streamline your life or still at the shoulder, on a jumpsuit or overalls, helps make the outfit more appealing.

Polished or Matt, fabric, denim embellished with rhinestones or glitter, no matter, this summer, as have already announced the catwalks, will really with all the trimmings! And there are proposals polka dots or stripes, bows ready to enrich bodices and underwear or even to depopulate will be those available in contrasting fabric in contrasting textures or even a kind of rope, on dresses and more!

It only remains to wait for the next few articles to see a preview of all upcoming style tips! In the meantime, take a look at our blog and Marvel and conquer by new delicious trend!