Knitting Revival: the Panacea of Crochet

The crochet and knitting is in full revival. Until a couple of years ago, “knit” was less fashionable activity there was, a things to grandmothers. Then the current is changed and now knit is the competitor of yoga: equally relaxing, clear your mind by moving your hands.

An American study in fact stated that crochet is a clear-minded because challenging and focusing for thought: if it distracts from one point down and one up. Also lately is becoming a good starting point of aggregation: at the parks it is not uncommon to see people engaged in making hats, gloves and leg warmers while you narrate the latest family gossip.

In the latest spring fashion shows, the chiefs obtained hook joined forcefully in the Collections. Simone Rocha has designed a white pencil dress with flower motifs, Michael Kors a crochet dress with a silhouette Flamenco in tone lilac, Miu Miu mini crochet dress with alternating red and black lines and a floral embroidery at breast height. But the versatility of the hook allows to create any kind of boss: Proenza Schuler has included in its collection a skirt to knee height in deep blue with glitter yarn, Sophie Anderson a shoulder bag, Tory Burch a summer top with decorative fringes to hem width, Missoni a jumpsuit with green shades.

Fashion not only women, but also men. The hat DIY for men is a German stunt, conceived by two snowboarders. The hat, called myboshi, in Germany is sold in more than 2500 shops and is formed from a package where there is a ball, a crochet hook and a short guide. Realisation time: three hours.

Knitting revival has regained the environments to which they belong. The doilies, coasters years ‘ 70 than to us seemed a little kitsch, now are among the most wanted homemade products. A blanket for the duvet that can replace a pail, perhaps with square pattern and flowers. The crochet work are, however, also become design material with which to decorate stools, chairs, various surfaces.

And the trinkets were certainly not left behind. Earrings, rings and pendants made of crochet, macramé, processing that ensures a certain rigidity and yarn tenacity, but also greater imagination in drawings. The bar moves a bit more in high if we think of the whole art: crochet dolls made by following complicated schemes, but whose end result is seeing our favorite heroes on the shelves.