It Bags 2016: Models, Ideas, Proposals and Trends

Timeless, classic, elegant, it bags 2016: here are the latest trend in bags!

Must-have accessory of women’s fashion is undoubtedly the bag and that’s why today, our section dedicated to the latest trends, can only dwell on it bags 2016. All lovers of fashion have at least an it bag, i.e. those bags, a stronghold of the classic and elegancethat never fade. Immortals, elegant, glamorous and fashion: survive every season, at every sudden change of fashion and style; While founding in new materials, shapes and colors, are magically “unchanged”. Evergreen and immortals, the subject of fashion design, real investment: more years go by, the more their value, intrinsic and extrinsic, tends to increase! The it bags are bags that fit perfectly to every outfit, perfect for both out with her girlfriends, and more formal occasions. Each woman, you know, has his favorite and for people like you, is always in search of the latest trends, here is a small review that clears up your ideas on how to choose the most glamorous and cool It-bags of 2016!

It Bags 2016: here are some lively interpretations

Fashion victims cannot miss the new proposals in terms of bags. And all that remains is to see the latest models seen recently in international fashion runways. Dolce and Gabbana, for example, bet for sparkly and glittery box bag, why studded with small jewels, fancy or floral motifs that recreate. In summer, this bag, combined with a themed dress, will give that extra touch to your outfit, especially at night.

Let us not forget the box bag of Lous Vuitton, which is reinventing itself in new fabrics, materials and colors: the note maison presents us with the bag of star in a contrast between black and white, texture and material kind of freaky.

In the clutch from Valentino, check the optical print, that re will depopulate on dresses and pants, in this summer 2016, by recalling to mind the nostalgic sixties. Beautiful black and white striped models or ivory and black.

Spotted already in the winter of 2015 is the Kent of Proenza Schouler, coconut Optical white or white crocodile. Remember that white, as was the Red in the coldest months of the year, along with the range of pastel, sar one of the colors chosen to dress with style and taste in the warmer season!

It bags 2016 are also in animal print, denim and classic shapes are now deconstructed, presented in original contrasts between colors and materials

For the lovers of the model shopper, Saint Laurent presents the it-bag with animal notes, more precisely with Python inserts. Givenchy presents his Pandora in bright, like Orange, while Miu Miu focuses on nice contrast between the Leopard and the yellow or blue and Leopard, with strong accents retro and vintage, in a mini handbag that will make the look between the smart and the savage.

And for those who don’t like the models monocolor and want to spice up your outfit, you can always bet on a mosaic plot proposed by Chanel, for one of his most classic bags and closure with logo.

Fringes and applications that resemble much the seventies for the clutch of Bruberry Prorsum, available in dark Burgundy. But maybe it’s too early to think about the 2016 winter and then, let us return to the hot summer: here’s how to interpret the classic bags Jeremy Scott collection spring-summer 2016: from retro and vintage failure, bright colors, strong hints at artistic Vanguards of the twentieth century and the 1960s.

Beautiful is the Burberry The Ashby, with fringes and offered in warm shades of red and Brown. Chanel deconstructs the shape, proposing the leather bag black and Burgundy theme Bistro, with woven chain strap closure logo and original.

And the 2016 is also the year of the return of denim to handbags and accessories: Tom Ford, in fact, does not give up any jeans and adds details in metal.

Colors, textures and materials ready to reinvent the cornerstones of trend in bags. In fact the it bags …

The colors seen are the Blue, l’ orange (this respect Miu Miu presents leather handbag blue and orange), the snake print and leopard, the yellow, peach and pink was sheltering myself for, classic white, blue and black and decorative elements are the studs, tone-on-tone fabric details, textural contrasts between different textures (fringe and feather metal studs, gems, jewels, etc).

And you which of the it bags proposals would you choose to enhance your look?



Fashion proposals from H & M for hot summer days!

Fashion proposals from H & M for hot summer days!