Inditex Sales Increase Until The 12.709 Billion Euros

Inditex sales ceiling breaks again, no time to fix the cement from previous data. 12.709 billion euros It is the new record from the Galician textile company that rises 7% in its sales in the first nine months of 2014. The net benefit of Inditex also rises, this time by 1%, to the 1.687 million euros. The previous milestone was in 2013 with 1,674 billion in net profit and 11.925 million in sales.

Sales continue to rise

Despite the crazy temperature changes and the extension of the summer Inditex has regrown according to has just presented, reflecting its activity from February 1 until October 31. Sales in comparable surface (those with more than one year of activity) “have recorded solid growth in this period”, although Inditex has not materialized with data, as if done with 10.5% rise in sales excluding the effect of exchange rates.

Inditex has anticipated that sales in stores, both physical and online, exchange rates have risen another 14% from 1 November to 8 December this year.

A benefit to simmer

Together with net profit climbing EBITDA (gross operating profit), this time by 2%, to the 2.825 million euros, and EBIT (result before taxes) with another 1%, to 2.161 million. Inditex has passed these data expected by the analysts from Reuters.

The Empire of 133.400 people

In this period Inditex 8.520 new jobs created around the world, of which 1,500 were in Spain. In total it closed with 133.400 employees worldwide.

Inditex opened 230 new stores in the nine months, in 50 different markets. 154 of these stores were opened in Europe, America 34 and 70 in Asia and the rest of the world. Inditex comes to the 6,570 stores spread in 88 markets.

Online sales of Inditex already reaches 27 markets, which include Mexico and Korea of the South as new additions. Including the entry of Zara in TMall.

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Inditex in Jezebel

  • Zara carries the weight of the 894,4 million dividend of Amancio Ortega
  • Tmall, the Trojan horse online Inditex to grow in China
  • María Fanjul will coordinate all the Inditex online business
  • Unprecedented agreement in the low-cost fashion industry to improve wages in Cambodia
  • Inditex reduces its profit but sales increase
  • Zara opened its online store in Mexico, the first in Latin America
  • Inditex won 7.3% less in the first quarter of 2014