How to Use the Vest Sports (Gilet) in Looks for Men

Any piece of men’s clothing fastened by buttons or zipper and no sleeves is called, in Brazil, of the vest, but is there a specific type that is more sporty, most often made of nylon or polyester and lined, this item, outside of our country, it is often identified as a “gilet”. As in English-speaking countries a piece of tailoring receives the name of “vest” or “waistcoat”, nothing more than just styling your cousin informal so that we can separate the wheat from the chaff.

How to Use the Vest Sports (Gilet) in Looks for Men

A nice thing of the bc sports is that, in a certain way, it interferes little in the style, getting to be used to accentuate it! The gilet can be combined with parts super casual like sweatshirts and t-shirts for a visual “normcore”, behaved as shirts or blouses for combos hipsters, and even with tailoring pieces, be it in looks “casual chic” or in looks totally formal with suits, because in this case the gilet account as a kind of accessory, an item that will serve to protect from the cold when you are on the street, but that will be taken in the office, or before a business meeting, as well as a scarf. It is not great to have in your wardrobe and a piece is so versatile and useful?

Despite being a very common model made from nylon, we have life vests of this type in twill, suede, wool, polyester and cotton. The details also change from piece to piece, some has only two pockets on the bottom of the piece to protect your hands from the cold, others have pockets at the chest height and even built-in to store wallet, mobile phone, lighter, etc. The closure can be done by buttons, zips, or both, and in many cases it is possible to lift the lapel or collar buttoning it, thus protecting the neck in the days of strong wind or intense cold.The colors vary, but it is more common to find them in navy, black and brown, sometimes with details of leather or suede that make the vest more interesting and with a look of clothes to “adventure”. There are still variations that comes with detachable sleeves, or whether they saw a jacket or coat in case the cold tighten, there are those who keep the sleeves within the bag to ensure that will not be caught off guard!

See below how to use the vest sporty in looks for men

With denim jacket

Used to overlap the denim jacket, the vest of nylon gives volume to the visual, leaving you more sports. In the lower part of the valley a chino, more jeans or even a pair of sweatpants tidy for moments of relaxation.


Under the blazer twill

In looks totally casual, serves to give a touch of bold, and highlight to the face thanks to the collar, usually used raised. In these cases use checkered patterns on the shirt or even the blazer works very well. If the cold is strong a pair of velvet also helps to leave the look more wintery and warm.


Underneath the leather jacket

The gilet can give a nice visual reinforcement for the leather jacket. The piece, by itself, is already inspiring a look radical, the vest comes to add a sport touch. Military boots and jeans detonated complement the vibe of this combination.


With blouse knitting

If the weather is winter it all goes to enhance the visual. A vest with contrasting color helps to enhance the combo with the sweater knitting, especially if it has a hood or a crew neck fisherman-style to play over the top of the lapel on the overlay, making the two pieces are merged, leaving the detail of the shirt will appear.


On the jacket of the suit

As has been said above, the vest can be worn over the suit since that is just as an accessory to protect from the cold on the way home from the office, for example, but is not suitable to be used within the work environment.


With denim shirt

Sometimes it can be a good to give a broken in look of the jeans, even more if you have a piece with a color that is a nice contrast and call attention to your face, as this example above. Another option are sport vests in shades of brown, red and beige.



We do not live by saying that the great balcony of the winter is to be able to take advantage of the overlays with the most diverse pieces of men’s fashion? Well, the vest comes in here as an option, the abuse of the workpiece when it is to launch hand of this feature, using the gilets less bulky under a coat or jacket and the more bulky over the top.


Underneath the jacket

If you like to top off the look with the jacket making the bottom layers with cardigãs, jackets or a sweater, the vest appears as an additional item to this. The models with matelasse still serve to give some texture to the background, offsetting the pieces smooth or tissues plans.


Combination cooler

Everything is very squared? Join a knit with geometric designs, crosses with a gilet with a color very much alive, and choose a pants color contrasting for a look young and trendy. The accessories are for your account!


With t-shirt

It is not cold, but do you think the look only with a t-shirt and jeans half fallen? The vest light is an item to consider to give a different touch to the combination without weighing too much, accepting very well the company of backpacks leather, scarves cotton, and other smaller accessories such as bracelets, rings and watches.


Vest patterned

Just as the example with the leather jacket that was given above, to explore parts of this type that have some sort of pattern, either a checkerboard, striped or camouflaged helps to supplement and give a little movement to the costumes whose pieces are, mostly, smooth.


With shirt social

Over the top or underneath of the blazer, it does not matter, the vest of nylon also gives you the option of dressing it yourself on top of the shirt social for that quick exit for a snack or even to be used in a work environment that is liberal. Keep the tie, the contrast of the one-piece formal with other sports creates a visual interesting and modern.


About the cardigan

More a combination for the days of half-season: the vest of nylon overlaying cardigan and t-shirt. No wound to be hot as a combo with the jacket, but gives that chill of the night. Jeans and tennis shoes leather high tops complement each other to perfection, but do not discard pants chino and casual shoes with the outsole color.


Photo gallery

See below for more examples of usage gilet:

Tips complementary

For chubby – escape of models that are very bulky, prefer dark tones, always, and use the vest always open to create a horizontal line.

For kids – avoid high contrast between the parts so as not to slice the silhouette.

For that is very high – The bulky help not seem so long, a good for those who, in addition to everything else, is very slim. Bet on the contrast between the top and the bottom to horizontalizar the visual.

Where to purchase

This time of year (autumn) is the most indicated to find the gilet in stores brazilian, already saw the sale in Zara (around$200.00) in Renner (R$130.00) and in the C&A (R$110,00 if I’m not mistaken) Cotton On and Forever 21 just to name the more well-known, but a search for “vest nylon” in virtual stores national should return several results. Just don’t let to buy this item during the high winter, it becomes more difficult to find.