How to Dress in 30 Years: the Chiefs to Be Beautiful and Impeccable

How to dress in 30 years: the determination and maturity is also reflected in the choice of outfit

If you’re wondering what clothes can not miss in your wardrobe and How to dress in 30 years, here’s a little guide that will help you to be beautiful and flawless in any occasion. Thirty years represent a significant milestone. We women look more decisive and determined, more aware of our choices and mistakes and we tend to see reality with a more critical eye. The work, marriage, children, wives and moms are going to be fulfilled – and establish ourselves professionally. Here are some valuable suggestion to have, at every opportunity, the right outfits to avoid mistakes!

How to Dress in 30 Years: the Proposals for an Original Look, Sober and Never Dull

Among the proposals to have a flawless look in 30 years, there are long dresses. Black, whatever your age, is always a valuable ally, since that slims and lengthens the shapes. Choose clothes and dresses to fancy, maybe those popular sixties, will give the outfit a touch of originality and simplicity. Yes also to fabrics with patterns and flowers, perhaps creating “disconnect” very original with leather accessories, from shoes to bags, even with fringes.

For those who want to experience new trends, it is a culotte pants to match point-toe, return all the rage. For those who don’t like giving up the skirts, perfect are those pleats, but also the Classic pencil skirts have returned definitely to the fore. In particular, they must be worn with heels, to exalt even more the figure and represent the right choice to enhance the shapes without falling into vulgarity.

Pants and jackets tailored to avoid mistakes and other proposals of style

As for the jeans, aimed at models to elephant’s foot, ideal for everyday outings and to combine with comfortable blazer. Choose classic fit pants and high-waisted. And the suits? Can’t miss in the closet of a thirty-something, perfect for a day at the Office and for the more formal occasion. Now that we are in winter, betting on the tailored coat with waist belt: will make you incredibly pi chic.

And finally other helpful advice: abandon the usual t-shirts and silk shirts also look out for in the spring but now that we are in winter, you will want to warm crew neck sweaters or dolce vita. The bags? Preferably comfortable for daily trips and those clutch for the evening, for a more sophisticated look.

Shoes for thirty-somethings: the models make no mistake!

As for shoes, instead, choosing more apt would focus on timeless décolletage, but if you don’t want to give up comfort, then remember to focus on clean and sober colored flats. And again. For a more thorough look, don’t forget boots and stilettos, worn, depending on the color and material, both in spring and in the coldest season of the year, while enhancing your essence and your femininity in summer, a pair of sandals with ankle strap, ready to stretch the silhouette, represent the right choice!

And what do you think of this small exhibition dedicated to How to dress in 30 years?