“Hippie village” Christiana Is Illegal

Is the place for some Christiana all their dreams – until they have set foot in the Danish city themselves and compete the way home disillusioned.

The 34-hectare settlement in Copenhagen since 1971 already exists. It was proclaimed by Danish hippies, many of them disappeared at some point, the rest is today steinalt. One could almost assume the free spirited community had now given way to a senior Park – not the younger, drawn to generation that rigidly adheres to the lawless ideology would be there. Because rules there are only a few, the fist law applies. Christiana administered basisdemorktisch, you so opts for self-regulation. Taking pictures is prohibited. Tourists should know that. The police sets foot in the anarchist community.

With the authorities, about 900 residents of the city had trouble since time immemorial. Yesterday, then headlined the Vice, the Danish Government have seriously aggravated the situation Christianas: last month, the Supreme Court found of the city realized off the legality.

And what is happening now? Is now a whole city entrumpel?

I myself am still never been there, know the area in the District of Christianshavn from previous searches, documentary films and stories of old friends. I imagined getting a colorful village of fully peaceful people, a place that could be the source of all creativity. A dreamland where one exists in harmony with nature and all living things, in the concerns and problems are as remote as the planet, in the love and art are the highest goods. Before I could be there myself, my opinion has been distorted, I began to realize that it is probably actually impossible to emulate that dream in our society. That reality must be different. Alone the daily invasion of tourists have the appearance of infinite peace and destroy security.

And yet: there are, the families who call their home Christiana. People who have found their own personal freedom. Us no right, to judge them – while we see the big picture, the beer bottles on the pictures, the rickety old – but we forget not the individual? Christiana emerged from an intention out ideals, which are definitely not to denounce – we now see what has made everyday life from it. Only one may therefore the free city „ ban “ and its inhabitants increasingly criminalize? A true solution, which is seeking to improve the local situation, a solution which requires together instead of against each other, is possible only in a dream country – and dream countries have apparently no place in our world.

Photo via moritz w. You can see more pictures from the current location in Christiana.