H & M: Scarves for Everyone to Affordable Prices

If it is true that we sometimes blog sin of showing you many models, products and accessories that are very successful, have a safe and incomparable style that we would like to have in our closet but that our pocket can’t afford it and less in these times in which we are and on these dates looming, in which expenses are more than insured.

Y the cold is here, and we have to protect ourselves from it. Therefore, gloves and hats are totally essential but perhaps a more popular items in is time of the year….. scarf, Since we can not get us cold, it shelters and gives us heat and if in addition we combine can be a perfect complement.

For this reason, I want to show you some of the multiple proposals This morning I have seen in H & M, walk through there, with the firm intention of making me with a scarf. And since then I’ve surprised.

The truth is that I’m tired of finding myself cantosas scarves, of bright colours and designs impossible to combine with anything and, if my economy allowed it to me, sure that I was with more than one of Paul Smith and Hermes, but it is not so. So models like these are quite affordable and worth to take into account proposals.

The key is that they trick, and of course that they do so. We can find of wool, cotton or silk, mixed together, but the trend is quite widespread: the Maxi-scarf triumphs in all the windows. Its design is somewhat difficult, but don’t worry, here I teach how to do it.

Mainly appreciate the absence of bright colors all they do is damage to the eye and the wide presence of whites, grays, blacks, garnets mixed with some other discretito design.

We have them in all sizes and shapes, from the maxi scarves almost 2 meters and a half length to the shorter, turns to the neck, ideal for sets where the scarf may not climb into a jacket or coat to hide something and don’t go dragging it down the street.

The horteradas are always present, that not all the mountain is oregano, but even in these cases it sees some possible use for scarves like these, of impossible and somewhat difficult to combine colors. At that price, everything is cast you imagination and if do not apply us the saying of: “Ande yo hot, laughing people”.

We even found some hints of copies of large collections. We have seen that this year, the (very controversial) presence of animal skins in scarves It has been quite notorious and some collections have opted for scarves of synthetic leather, imitations of the animals for their catwalk designs.

As we can see, the prices are quite affordable and we can ask with a scarf of battle and everyday use, which really is (not the scarves and handkerchiefs) and that within what fit, we have bad relationship for money or they are horrible and impossible to combine.

So if you want a demi-season scarves, and not want to spend you many pesetas, you know one of the places to go. If instead you prefer to stretch you a little more, and whether for you or a family member, to make a good gift, here also we advise you how to do it.