Gwyneth Paltrow Addicted to the Burberry

Gwyneth Paltrow It is one of the actresses that in recent times has become objects of attention by its change and successful style. The pretty actress seems that it has become a fan of Burberry, with items of different types and for different occasions of this autumn-winter 09/10.

Then we our a series of photographs in which the actress looks a garment firm

In one of his aparicones in Paris, Paltrow wears the classic trench Burberry, the clothing that all should have in the closet, halfway between jacket, coat, and overcoat. It is a part of our wardrobe, perfect to wear with any garment, especially with jeans, how looks it with the actress. It is practical, perfect for look at Demi-season and very stylish and comfortable because it is light, not heavy.

In this photo, we see her with a beautiful black coat, Burberry Prorsum collection winter 2009, perfect to wear at night with some eye-catching outfit.

I am surprised this look with this eye-catching Burberry dress with the top of shirt with a painted divine image and chiffon skirt gathered in pastel blue, because it beats you nothing, but it is original. As for accessories, looks a necklace XXL of colored stones and supe platform booties.

In a more informal and sporty look, we see the actress with a mini-trench and Bell-Bottoms, combined with a striped scarf of different shades of Burberry.

And for beautiful, elegant and striking the day of the 2009 Grammy Awards, a gold Versace dress, combined with plug-ins in the same tone. What I liked least were grey stockings brightness, but of course, everything has an explanation, was to play with the long Cardigan Burberry grey.

Let the actress uses all kinds of garments, the same dress that a jacket than a trench. And is that Gwyneth Paltrow you know how and with what wear it each time.