Greenpeace Praises Primark, Zara and H & M

Thus no one has done the math: after a Greenpeace investigation have the fashion chain Primark, H & M and Zara calculated in terms of clean textile production nose front. There are, however, luxury labels such as Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Hermes and Versace, and Nike the worst environmental offenders.

Environmental protection is a giant topic – also in vogue. Especially cheap labels were time and again with negative headlines in the press. Because the chemicals that many fashion companies use to color their products or impregnating, pollute waters and threatening drinking water stocks, in particular that of the producer countries.

Detox campaign
Since 2011 Greenpeace is committed with the Detox campaign, these pollutants from textile manufacturing to disappear completely. 30 international fashion labels and discount stores have committed already to get to a clean production by 2020. This corresponds to about 15 percent of global textile production. Now the clothing companies are being tested: who actually implement the good intentions? A total of 18 global clothing companies were checked.

Praise for low-cost chains
The result is surprising: cheap companies such as Primark, H & M, Zara and mango are the Detox trendsetter and have especially harmful chemicals as hormonally active Ethoxylates, plasticiser and peri – and poly-fluorinated chemicals (PFCS) already banished from their production. They are also a pioneer in the fight against water pollution. H & M removed the carcinogenic and hormonally active PFCs which impregnate clothing against dirt and water as the first company two years ago. The fashion chain Zara has disclosed the waste data by more than one hundred factories, more than any other company. Even Burberry, C & A and adidas get kudos from Greenpeace. “Most of the companies at their word and begin to produce fashion, which can cope with the environment”, accounted for Kirsten Brodde by Greenpeace.

Luxury companies are propping
All things high-fashion labels are unable to work giftrei. “The alleged noble brand does not care about non-toxic production. Just at high prices, room for clean production must be”, criticized Bansal. Polluters are Versace, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Armani. Greenpeace lists companies that outward give a green paint, in fact but not toxins without, under the heading “Greenwasher”. So, the US sporting goods manufacturer Nike has improved almost nothing and not trying to improve its image as a questionable manufacturing company.