Great Peruresan

During our trip to the “Great Peruresan” we will experience the most and the best of Peru. During this tour we will have the chance to see condors in the world’s deepest ravine, Colca Canyon. We visit the people of Uros out on Lake Titicaca. We head to the ancient capital of the Inca, Cusco, in the scenic Andes. The highlight of the trip is probably after all Machu Picchu, this incredibly beautiful enclave that has been hidden for over 400 years. The trip also takes us to villages in the Andes off the beaten track that tell a different picture of Peru. For many, the highlight is the mysterious Nazca Lines while everyone loves the Ballestas Islands and the “Little Galapagos”. Here you can see in miniature Penguins, Pelicans and Sea Lions.

Great Peruresan 2

Day 1: Travel to Peru (Lima)
Flights to the capital of Peru and transfer to the hotel for check-in. Overnight in Lima. Meals are included on board the long-haul flight.

Day 2: Flight to Arequipa
After breakfast we fly to “The White City” Arequipa which is located at 2380 meters altitude in southeastern Peru. The city is named after all the bright buildings that are built in volcanic stone from the nearby volcanoes. We do a joint city walk around the Plaza de Armas and see the historic center of this city from 1540. Overnight in Arequipa. (Breakfast)

Day 3: Arequipa – Chivay
After breakfast, our journey continues through the fascinating Peruvian landscape. We travel through the Andes and see llamas and alpacas whose durable wool has long been spun into yarn by the mountain area Indians. Arriving in the community of Chivay at more than 3,600 meters above sea level, we check in at our hotel and then have the opportunity to go for a walk in the surroundings. Overnight in Chivay. (Breakfast)

Day 4: Chivay – Colca Canyon – Puno
Early breakfast at the hotel. We then head towards Colca Canyon which is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. The bus trip to Cruz del Condor is beautiful and we get the chance to make some photo stops. Once at Cruz del Condor, there are very good chances to see condors, the world’s largest flying bird. Back to Chivay just in time for lunch we eat together. In the afternoon then continue to Puno on Lake Titicaca (about five hours). Here we go through open landscapes over a dramatic landscape. A beautiful bus ride. Overnight in Puno. (Breakfast and Lunch)

Day 5: Puno / Lake Titicaca
We start the day with a boat trip to the island of Taquile in Lake Titicaca. Our first stop will be a visit to the Uros Indians who live on floating islands made of reeds. The beautiful boat trip continues out to Taquile. We walk around the island and will have lunch together. The island is famous for its traditionally hand-woven and knitted textiles of very high quality. The boat trip then takes us home to Puno again. A full day trip. Overnight in Puno. (Breakfast and Lunch)

Day 6: Puno – Cuzco
After breakfast we take an express bus through the Peruvian countryside to the ancient capital of the Inca and the religious center of Cuzco (about 7 hours). Once there, we go to the hotel and can rest a bit. Overnight in Cuzco. (Breakfast)

Day 7: Cuzco
After breakfast, we go on a city tour during which we get to see the city’s 17th century cathedral and what remains of the Coricancha Temple of the Sun. The Temple of the Sun was built in the 15th century and was the holiest and most magnificent temple in the Inca Empire before it was destroyed by invading conquistadors. In the afternoon we get the chance to stroll around this beautiful city. The market at San Pedro is a highlight. Overnight in Cuzco. (Breakfast)

Day 8: Cuzco – Urubamba Valley (Sacred Valley of the Inca)
We leave Cuzco behind us and travel to the sacred valley of the Inca Empire, the Urubamba Valley. We continue to the city of Pisac which is known for its Inca ruins and its colorful market which offers a rich selection of handicrafts and textiles. After the market visit, we will take a bus to the sacred valley. We then follow the river in this fertile valley and get to see many of the products that are on the dining table in Peru today. We continue towards the archaeological site Ollantaytambo. Here is a well-preserved enclosure. The city, which is still inhabited today, is a fine example of the Inca people’s ingenious urban planning with canals and irrigation systems. Overnight in Urubamba Valley. (Breakfast and Lunch)

Day 9: Urubamba Valley – Machu Picchu – Cuzco
Today comes the day we all longed for. After breakfast we take a train to Machu Picchu Pueblo (Aguas Calientes) from where we take a bus to the entrance to the ruined city of Machu Picchu, located on a ridge high up in the Andes. After the abandonment of Machu Picchu, the area was covered with dense vegetation and when the amazing ruined city was rediscovered in the early 20th century, it became a world sensation. Machu Picchu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered one of the “Seven New Wonders of the World”. We visit the area together with a good local guide and have all morning on us to experience this magical place. In the afternoon we take the train back to Ollantaytambo where we then take a bus directly back to Cuzco. Overnight in Cuzco. (Breakfast)

Day 10: Cuzco – Abancay
Breakfast at the hotel. We will now slowly cross the Andes towards the Pacific Ocean. Today we have an approximately 5 hour beautiful bus ride that takes us off the beaten track towards villages in the mountains that do not see as many tourists. We arrive at Abancay, a village with about 55,000 inhabitants. Overnight in Abancay. (Breakfast)

Day 11: Abancay – Nazca
Today we continue our journey down from the mountains towards Nazca, this will be an approximately 10 hour long bus journey with large shifts outside the bus window before we reach Nazca. On this journey we will slowly descend from 2200 m above sea level to Nazca which is located at about 300 m above sea level. We travel in the wild, deserted Peru. Overnight in Nazca. (Breakfast)

Day 12: Nazca – Paracas
This morning we have the chance to fly over the famous Nazca routes (optional). These giant figures in the desert that no one really managed to explain why or how they came to be. The mystique hangs over Nazca. We go to the small aerodrome in Nazca where we are now in line to fly planes with 4-6 seats in each aircraft. The flight lasts for about 20 minutes. and you get a good picture of these mysterious figures in the desert. In the afternoon, the journey continues north to the village of Paracas. We have now reached the Pacific Ocean. When we arrive, we check in at our hotel. Overnight in Paracas. (Breakfast)

Day 13: Paracas – Lima
In the morning we make a boat trip to the Ballestas Islands, also called “Little Galapagos”. From the boat we experience the islands’ rich bird life with, among other things, pelicans and the endangered Humboldt penguin. Along the coasts you will also find colonies of sea lions and seals as well as dolphins and whales. The journey then continues north towards Lima. Overnight in Lima. (Breakfast)

Day 14: Return from Lima
Time to discover Lima on your own. Feel free to ask the tour guide or local guide for tips on interesting places to visit. In the afternoon transfer to the airport before the flight to the boarding place. Meals are included on board the long-haul flight. (Breakfast)

Day 15: Homecoming
Arrival at the boarding place.

Great Peruresan